What is Data Sets?

SAS Data Sets

There are two kinds of SAS data sets:

SAS data file.
SAS data view.

A SAS data file both describes and physically stores your data values. A SAS data view, on the other hand, does not actually store values. Instead, it is a query that creates a logical SAS data set that you can use as if it were a single SAS data set. Itenables you to look at data stored in one or more SAS data sets or in other vendors’software files. SAS data views enable you to create logical SAS data sets without usingthe storage space required by SAS data files.

A SAS data set consists of the following:

Descriptor information

Data values

The descriptor information describes the contents of the SAS data set to SAS. The datavalues are data that has been collected or calculated. They are organized into rows,called observations, and columns, called variables.

External Files:

Data files that you use to read and write data, but which are in a structure unknown to SAS, are called external files. External files can be used for storing
  • raw data that you want to read into a SAS data file
  • SAS program statements
  • procedure output.