Chief Instructor: 
Master D. Smith
7th Degree Black Belt
Master Smith started Taekwon-Do in April of 1985 at the Regina West Zone, under the instruction of Master Clint Norman. When he started Taekwon-Do he instantly fell in love with the art and immediately started to train 6 days a week for two hours a day. He continued this until he left Regina to start his own club in Saskatoon in the fall of 1989. Even after he left Regina he continued to train 6 days a week including a weekly trip to Regina every Saturday. This went on for about four years until he had his first child in 1993. For the next five years he would only travel to Regina once or twice a month to train and only trained three days a week in Saskatoon. In the fall of 1998 he decided to train hard again for about four years, again traveling to Regina every Saturday for black belt class. In 2001 he had slowed down his training and only trained three times a week and only going to Regina maybe once a month. He had decided to devote more time to family.
Master Smith's tournament history reflects his training schedule. When he trained hard he did well in competition. Here is a brief history of his tournament career. As a color belt he never lost a tournament in sparring or in patterns. As a black belt he has won 17 National Championships, eleven11 in sparring and Six in patterns. Canadian National sparring champion in 1988,1990, 1991, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. In 1991 he won the North American Championships. In 1992 he competed In Pong Yang North Korea at the World Championships were he finished 5th overall. Also in 1992 he won the General Choi's Cup, which was a tournament with about 8 countries in attendance. In 1993 he won second in the Pan American Championships. In 1998 he placed second in the Pan American Championships. Also in same year he won the North American Championships. In 2000 he won the General Choi's Cup. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 he won the western and national championships in sparring and patterns. Also in 2012 he won gold in sparring and patterns at the Pan-american Championships. In 2003 he won the Canadian National championships in patterns, his only national gold medal in patterns. In 1995 he finished second in patterns at the National Championships. He was the Western Canadian Champion in lightweight sparring from 1988 to 2000 consecutively and again in 2002, 2007-2012. Mr. Smith was the provincial champion in lightweight sparring every year that he has been a black belt. He also was provincial champion in patterns many times. In 2003 he went to Poland for the World Championships were he finished fifth in patterns. He was also the Canadian Female Teams coach for the World Championships in Poland. In 2004 he was Head Coach of the Canadian Junior Teams that represented Canada at the World Championships in Italy. He retired in 2004 and and came back to competition in 2007 as a senior competitor in the 35 and over division.
Master Smith tested for his First Degree in 1988. He tested under Master Laquerre. For his Second Degree he tested in 1990 under Master Tran Quan. For his Third Degree it was in 1996 under a panel of Masters at an Instructors Seminar. For his Fourth Degree it was under Master Blake in 2000, and for his Fifth Degree it was in Italy under a panel of Masters in July 2004. For this Sixth Degree in June 2010. For his 7th degree in September 2016 under a panel of Grandmasters and Masters in Quebec.
Master Smith finds one of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching is the excitement of his students when they excel, he plans to continue teaching for many years to come. He states that seeing his students go further than they thought they could is inspiring. What he would most like his students to take away from Taekwon-do is a high level of self-confidence and moral standards. Outside of class, he manages to find time to watch movies, participates in other sports, and spend quality time with his wife and children.