Head Instructor: 
Mr. D. Kimpton 
6th Degree Black Belt
Mr. Kimpton started Taekwon-Do in September of 1992 at the Saskatoon West Zone club here at the Cosmo Civic Centre under the instruction of Mr. Don Smith. Mr. Kimpton started Taekwon-Do at the age of 29 after a friend had recommended it to him as a good way to stay in shape and have fun. He tested for his first-degree black belt in June of 1995. He then tested for his second-degree black belt in December of 1998. For his third-degree in June of 2002. For his fourth-degree black belt in June 2007. For  his fifth-degree in June 2013 and his sixth-degree in April 2018.. In November of 2010 he attended the Umpire Training Course in Vancouver where he became certified as an Assistant Provincial Trainer for Class B & C Umpires.
Mr. Kimpton stated that he has many memorable highlights and memories from his tournament competitions and recommends to all his students to participate in them as they help in your growth as a Taekwon-Do student and as a person.
Mr. Kimpton finds it very rewarding being one of the instructors for the West Zone club. He enjoys working with the new students and seeing their excitement and energy as they are starting out. He finds this very rewarding and motivational. As well he states that seeing his two daughters train and become black belts themselves has been especially rewarding. This is something very beneficial that Taekwon-do offers, where families can participate together in a sport that has a vast amount of rewards physically as well as mentally.