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  • Season 2015!
    Welcome Slam Dunk U13 Girls players and parents to Season 2015! 

    It's hard to believe that it is already time for the season to begin again. Last year we had a late start, but we are not rookies anymore. We will have a full season of practice for this year. 
    We have most of our players returning. A few of our younger girls from last season are playing for a new Slam Grade 6 team. We will miss them, and wish them good luck with their new team. We will have a few new additions as well. Coach Rick has passed on the whistle to our new coach, Rendo! Some of you will recognize him from last year's other Slam U13 Girls team. Welcome to Rendo and his daughter for joining Slam Dunk. 

    We had our Slam registration night on November 19th. If you still need to register, please feel free to contact me ( and we can arrange to get your registration forms and medical forms and fees ($250) somehow. 

    For the 2015 season, we will need to fill some club positions. Many are the same as last year, some are new that we did not need last year due to the shortened season. 
    1. If no one objects, I will stay on as manager this year. However, next year I have a commitment that will interfere with my ability to be club manager. Coach Rick suggested I take on a co-manager to learn the ropes for next year. Please let me know if this sounds like something you are interested in. It mostly involves lovingly badgering people with email. 
    2. I didn't ask him if he was still interested, in case he said "no". So Hans is still our treasurer (so far). 
    3. Paul R has volunteered to register the team for all the tournaments we choose for 2015. 

    The following positions need volunteers:
    1. Clothing - last year we did get the bulk of our clothing, but there will be new players who need uniforms and perhaps some orders for non-mandatory clothes (shooter jerseys?). 
    2. Tournament Coordinator - This requires a commitment to attend the tournament meetings that begin in January and are held roughly every 3 weeks until Slam Tournament at the end of April. Tournament Coordinator is responsible for our gym and volunteers during the tournament. This is a BIG help to our club! And a lot of fun. 
    3. Hotels - Depending on where we chose to go for tournaments this year, we may need someone to book hotels in blocks. 
    4. Fundraising - This is up to our club. Much of our club fundraising will happen through the Slam Tournament and selling advertising through the Slam Tournament program (this is everyone's responsibility). However, we can do other fundraising as a club if we want (steak night, gift cards, bottle drive, etc.). 

    Please let me know what you are able do for the club. Just a reminder that all families are expected to be available to help for Slam Tournament weekend (April 24-26th, 2015). 

    We will need to decide as a club which tournaments we are interested in for 2015. I will send out an email regarding tournament options with dates soon. 

    We hope to start practicing soon. More info on this to follow hopefully within the week. 

    Let's Go Slam Dunk!!!

    Posted Nov 24, 2014, 6:15 PM by Jessie Katzenberger
  • Meeting Minutes
    Below you will find minutes for the parents' meeting from Monday. There was a volunteer sign up sheet that went around for the Slam Tournament weekend. I will try to have this at practices for those who didn't get a chance to see it on Monday. 
    Just a reminder that Hans is taking cheques for clothing ($108) and any late registrations. 
    If there are any amendments necessary to the minutes, don't hesitate to let me know. 
    Posted Apr 9, 2014, 2:09 PM by Jessie Katzenberger
  • Revving Up!
    The girls have some practices under their belts now. Thanks to Coach Rick, Coach Megan Keen, and Assistant Coaches Jace and Jamie, things are coming together! The team is building, and it looks like we might be getting close to 10. The next couple of weeks will tell. 

    I would like to call a parents' meeting for Monday, April 7th at the beginning of practice. I can't meet Wednesday as there is a tournament meeting. If it doesn't work let me know, and if Monday is a no go for lots of parents then we'll figure something else out. I'll put minutes out after either way. 

    Thanks to Paul's persistence or saint like patience we finally got our hands on the clothing samples. I think most of the sizing has been done, and numbers have been chosen. Shorts, reversible jersey and a bag comes to $108. Most were happy to postpone purchasing the shooter shirt for a year. My hope is that we can collect most of our clothing cheques this upcoming week. I'm not clear on if that goes to the Slam Dunks or Slam Saskatoon. I'll get some clarification on this before next week. 

    Thanks to Hans for being our money man. We have a bank account up and running, and registration fees have been deposited. 

    Coach Rick suggested we opt out of the Edmonton or Regina tournament this year and stick with the 3 Saskatoon tournaments and P.A. as this is our first year and we've had a late start. So the following are the tournaments we will be registering for: 
    1. Saskatoon Slam May 2-4
    2. Huskie Heat Wave May 10-11 (S'toon)
    3. Prairie Dog Classic May 24-25 (S'toon)
    4. BSI May 31-June 1 (P.A.)
    This should be a good introduction into tournament ball. Maybe this is how they lure us in, and then next year....look out! lol. 

    Speaking of tournaments....
    Hans and I attended the tournament meeting on Tuesday night at St. Augustine. Wow, a lot of planning goes into this event. I wanted to get a better understanding of the advertising fundraising aspect of tournament. Slam offers advertising space in the tournament program and at the gym for various prices. I have a template of ad sizes and prices. The ads need to be in to the tournament committee by Wednesday April 9th. I thought I had more time to bring this back to our team. Sorry about that. If there is anyone who wants the advertising information, and thinks they can secure advertising by then, let me know. 
    There will be about 60 teams in the Slam tournament! There is a waiting list for teams for the U13 girls. 
    We will be designated a gym for Friday and Saturday of the tournament. We will likely be sharing with the other U13 girls team. Teams that make the playoffs are at a different gym on Sunday. There will be a pretty fancy website with tournament game schedules and results. 
    The weekend requires lots of volunteers and family involvement. We will talk more about this at the meeting and as the tournament gets closer. Fortunately, the other U13 team has done this before and can mentor us a little. Duties will include mainly concession/admissions, clock & game sheets, and coffee. 

    Enjoy these quiet weekends while they last ;)

    Posted Apr 4, 2014, 9:38 AM by Jessie Katzenberger
  • Meeting Minutes and Reminders
    Although our practice was a bust, we did make some great headway in team organization. We filled volunteer positions, figured out some tournament dates, and the girls picked at team name! 
    I have attached a copy of the meeting minutes. If I have missed anything or anything needs correction, please feel free to let me know. For those of you who don't feel like reading the minutes, there are just a couple of reminders: 
    • Coach Rick requests that the girls try to attend the Slam Future Stars of Saskatoon Slam Basketball Camp on March 30th at Walter Murray. Information can be found on the Slam main page. 
    • Clothing samples will be at the next practice. Girls should have two numbers chosen. If more than one girl want the same number, they will rock paper scissors for it. 
    • Please bring your medical forms, registration forms and fees to practice if you have not already done so. 
    Again, practice times and locations can be found on the calendar. Link to the left. Check regularly as there is discussion on possible change in practice days if Monday and Wednesday are not good for a large portion of players. 

    Posted Mar 12, 2014, 12:33 PM by Jessie Katzenberger
  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
    1st Practice/Parents' Meeting coming up!
    March 10th 7:00 - 9:00 @ St. Augustine School gym 

    Girls to bring the following in a gym bag: 
    basketball size 6
    water bottle
    reversible jersey
    skipping rope

    Hopefully we can get our medical forms and registration forms and fees completed for practice on Monday. Please see the forms attached below. 
    We also need to have a team treasurer so we can get our bank account up and running. Any parents with some $$$$ skills? 

    All practices scheduled so far are in our calendar (link to the left). Please note that the practices do move around in place and time a bit, so please check the calendar to be sure when and where practice will be. 

    Feel free to contact me

    Posted Mar 7, 2014, 11:13 AM by Jessie Katzenberger
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