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18U (2002 - 2004)

April 10/19 Update 

There are 39 players registered for Midget AA baseball in the Blue Jays (BJ) Zone.  The BJ Executive has agreed to host 3 Midget AA teams; 2 of these teams will play in the Saskatoon Midget AA League and 1 team will play in the SK Premier Baseball League (SPBL) Midget AA Division. 

Please review the document below regarding the BJ Midget AA Team Formation process for 2019.  There will be evaluations for the SPBL team, times noted below.  The Saskatoon Jays Midget AA teams will carry a roster of 11-14 players; SPBL Jays team will carry a roster of approximately 11-13 players.   

Please review this document and respond to Lane Wallace via email by Saturday, March 16th with your intention regarding evaluating for the SPBL Blue Jays Team (aka Travel Team). 

All Midget players should plan attending the Warm-up & SPBL Team Evaluation Times - Gordie Howe Sports Complex (1525 Ave P. S).  

1. Wed. Apr. 3 from 5-6 pm (2 cages & full turf)

2. Fri. Apr. 5 from 10-11pm (3 cages & full turf)

3. Sat. Apr. 6 from 3–4pm (3 cages & half turf

4. Sat Apr 14th 5-8 PM 1/2 turf & 1 cage; teams will be contacted by their Coaches

Any questions, email Lane Wallace, Jays Zone Midget Coordinator - Krusti23@gmail.com

Feb 1/19 UPDATE:  Welcome to 2019 Midget Blue Jays Baseball. Doesn't it feel like Baseball Weather out there today! ;)

THE SASKATOON BLUE JAYS EXPECT TO HAVE APPROXIMATELY 35-50 PLAYERS REGISTERED FOR MIDGET AA BALL IN 2019.  THE BLUE JAYS EXECUTIVE HAVE TENTATIVELY APPROVED 3 TEAMS DEPENDING ON THE REGISTRATION NUMBERS; We will revisit the team formation process once registration has closed Feb 28/19.  The Blue Jays Executive has approved and will request from Baseball Saskatoon (BS) the Jays Zone host the following teams for 2019:
1. 2-3 Midget AA teams that participate in the BS Midget AA League. 
2. 1 Midget AA team that participates in the SPBL for 2019.

As of this is pending registration numbers & qualified coaching options.  There is information from 2018 & links below to the leagues for each option noted.  

NEXT UPDATE March 3/19 WITH THE 2019 EVALUATION/WARM UP SCHEDULE FOR INDOORS!  Any questions, email Lane Wallace, Jays Zone Midget Coordinator - Krusti23@gmail.com

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