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June 24th Update - First Uniform & Equipment return

posted Jun 24, 2015, 7:08 AM by Lane Wallace

What a great 2 months of ball season we are starting to wrap up; if only our climate would cooperate like this on a regular basis like it does for hockey season.  Whoever was in charge of weather this year, please keep it up and come back again in 2016.

Many teams are involved in playoffs this week; good luck to all teams.  Thanks to the volunteer coaches, managers, administrators and others for working so hard to make the season a success it has been.

Thanks for those kids who are umping games also; we need quality umpires for all levels of ball in Saskatoon and ball players generally make good umpires.

For some teams, the season is wrapping up by June 30th; with that in mind, please note the first round of equipment and uniform return below:

First Equipment return - Monday, June 29th 7-830 PM.  Bestco Storage on 105th St, Locker #369

First Uniform return - Monday July 13th 6-8 PM, Bestco Storage.

Teams please have one person return uniforms as follows:

1. Have the list of uniforms by player with the uniforms; mark which uniforms have not been returned; please try and get all uniforms in.

2. Have the jerseys and pants washed...may need to wash multiple times to get grass stains out.  If pants have acquired new holes or had old holes in them, please try to repair these pants so they are good to go for 2016.

If there are any missing uniforms, the uniform deposit cheques will be identified to be cashed; we will attemp to contact parents about missing uniforms however our volunteer time is limited so this is not guaranteed so if you want to avoid this, return uniforms cleaned to your team contact. 

Any questions, contact Trevor Leibel 306-203-6671 or Gord Bantle 306-227-2357. 

Go Blue Jays!