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Current Status of Fields

posted May 2, 2013, 2:07 PM by Saskatoon Blue Jays
The following is the latest information that we are getting regarding ball diamonds from the city through our Baseball Council:

The City of Saskatoon is doing what they can to get everyone on the diamonds and all fields as soon as possible. Baseball Council is in regular communication with City officials. We are hearing that the City is simply waiting until they can get there machines out onto the diamonds and make the fields safe for all the athlete’s at all age levels this is affecting every sports group across the City that use outdoor fields. There’s over 200 fields the City needs to look after and prepare for everyone and it will be done ASAP when they can get the equipment on the fields safely so they don’t damage the fields we all use. Just because the snow in many parks has melted the ground underneath still needs to thaw for this to occur. Some staff at the City suggest that there’s in some area’s probably more that 6 inches of frozen turf to thaw.

As of today, the target date when diamonds will be available is still the 27th, but in saying that as the weather warms up and things begin to thaw out the City will be looking at getting there equipment out on the diamonds. If the weather holds and they can do the work that needs to be done the date could POTENTIALLY be sooner than that, but this will all be decided by the City. I know many people are also questioning why Softball has most of the diamonds at the six pack aka Gordie Howe Bowl cleared and on there website it suggests they will be starting on the 12th. Firstly the only reason those parks where cleared of Snow was because they have done a major project down there to the tune of 90 thousand dollars and the construction company that did the work needed to clear those area’s to do the job that needed to be done and it was them that moved the snow Not softball.

The City isn’t trying to stop anyone from playing there sports it’s just simply a situation that the Fields aren’t playable or safe at this point due to the lack of grooming etc. So please be patient and the City will be out there as soon as they possibly can get on diamonds with equipment. As more information becomes available there will be more updates.