Orff Level I at the University of Regina, summer 2016!

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Orff Level I is a 3.0 credit undergraduate course at the U of R. The cost for the course is approximately $730. Those who have never registered at the U of R will also be charged a one-time, non-refundable $100 application fee. For more information and to find out if the course is being offered this spring/summer session, please contact: 
Denise Morstad at denise.morstad@uregina.ca or the Faculty of Education Student Program Centre at (306) 585-4537.

2014 Orff Level I Participant Reviews:

Most people my age are entering their “retirement window”.  I took a 14 year long maternity leave, so my “window” is still a long ways off.  I feel very privileged to be back doing what I love to do for the second time in my life.  I’m “back in my 20’s” and anxious to learn all I can to sharpen my professional skills as a teacher.  For the most part, I’ve only ever taught Band.   Arts Education is something I always steered away from.  That portfolio is HUGE and certainly has felt way out of my comfort zone.  However, through a series of very fortunate events, I was able to move into a position that allowed me to be in one school and teach Band and Arts Ed for 2013-14.  Because I had professional support from colleagues, administration and our school was just beginning 3 year partnership as an “Art for Life School” with the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, I felt like this teaching assignment was doable.  Even though I did experience some highlights and successes this past year, I really wasn’t much beyond “survival mode” in the Arts Ed part of my job.   I KNEW I needed to get some practical training to move beyond survival and become more effective so that my students would experience all that they could and should be experiencing during the Arts Ed portion of their week.  I attended my first Orff workshop in Sept 2013.  I was SO out of my league, but what impressed me most was how welcoming and encouraging these teachers were.  There was an elevated level of energy, excitement and collegial support in the room all day long.  Even though, much of what we did that day went over my head, I knew I was hooked on the Orff pedagogy and decided that day to commit to taking the Level 1 course at the U of R in August 2014.  The course did NOT disappoint.   I was clearly the “mom” in the group and that’s okay.  It was probably one of the most stretching but most practical Education courses I’ve taken.  Every day was chock full of ideas and activities I would be able to use in the tomorrow, both in the Arts Ed and Band classroom.   As our skills increased, creativity began to flow and the camaraderie developed.  I feel SO much more confident heading into this school year compared to last year.  I’m excited to begin planning units and lessons that incorporate the pedagogy that we worked so hard to learn and practice.  The best part is, I feel like a young and energetic teacher just starting out and ready to become the best teacher I can be!   Through taking the Orff Level 1 course, a whole new world has been opened up for me.  At my age, it doesn’t get better than that!  I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their creative skills as an Arts Ed teacher.  The investment of time, energy and money is well worth it.    And… you’re never too old :)
~ Submitted by Karen Mckenzie, participant

I teach kindergarten to grade five music in rural Saskatchewan. When I noticed an Orff certification course offered at the University of Regina, I decided to take the course and see how it could affect my teaching.  This was the best decision of my young career!  It is now two weeks into my new school year and my teaching style has absolutely changed for the better.  Everything that we did as part of our course work could be taken straight into the classroom and put to use immediately.  Often, as a music educator, I find that after going to PD or workshops, I have to figure out how to adjust the ideas to work for me, but not this time!  Students have been leaving my classroom raving to their classroom teachers about how fun music class was that day, and I am constantly using methods introduced to me through Orff training.  On top of the wonderful methodology that I learned while taking this course, it was also a great opportunity to network.  Being from a rural school division, I find that I often feel completely alone in what I’m teaching.  I don’t get many opportunities to get together with a music educator community.  This was a great time to network with other music educators and develop my classroom support system.  I would highly recommend this course to any music educator I meet!                   ~Submitted by Meagan Miller, participant