I obtained my PhD in Oceanography from University of Chicago in 2010, and was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Oceanography (JISAO) at the University of Washington for a couple of years.  Now, I am a research scientist at JISAO.  My research investigates mechanisms for exchange of biogeochemical tracers between the coastal and open ocean through the use of numerical models.  For example, nitrate supply on the east coast of the US from the open ocean, or mechanisms for the export of iron in upwelling systems. Currently, I am working on a modeling project concerning ocean acidification and hypoxia in the coastal ocean of Washington and Oregon.

 Research Interests:
  • The role of the coastal ocean in global biogeochemical cycles 
  • The role of the coastal ocean in global biogeochemical cycles.
  • How will climatic forcings like changes in sea level, winds, and stratification affect the exchange between the coastal and open ocean?
  • How are dissolved nutrients transported onto and off continental margins? Is particulate organic matter transported differently than dissolved nutrients?
  • Given the role of retention in governing spatial variability of hypoxia and probably ocean acidification as well, how will retention change in response to changing environmental conditions in the future?
  • How will changes in external forcings that are expected to change with global warming affect the source water for upwelling and thus rates of ocean acidification in the coastal ocean?

 Teaching assistant:
  • Ice Age Earth
  • Global Warming
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Global Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Field Course in Oceanography