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Set partially in San Francisco, Through a Stranger's Eyes is a novel about a woman whose dreams give her firsthand experience of other people's harsh realities all over the world. What she learns shakes her out of her ordinary, comfortable life and changes her forever.

Now available from The Lotus Circle

In romantic suspense novel Wings of Escape, Angela in on the hunt for her missing sister. Two men are determined to stop her--one dark and silent and the other fair and deadly.

Available from Cerridwen Press

"Wings of Escape will take you on a journey of intense emotions, beautiful settings, and richly developed characters. Sasha Vivelo has created a magnificent story of suspense, pain, emotional connection, and never giving up on the ones you love. Wings of Escape will definitely keep you on your toes, never knowing which twist the story will take, but loving each turn."--Mandy Briggs, Rogues and Romance

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