Wish I could change the world

  When i read the book ,"wings of fire" partly.. I was moved by reading the fact that, while APJ  was at the store,selling stuff.. Highly selling item in the shop was Cigarettes.. 

  On cigarettes, it is written as "Not for sale to Minors".. If this one funda is followed.. It would make a lot of difference.. 

  Adding to that.. I'm not sure what parents have in their mind,while they send their Kids for work rather than attending school.

  And also I'm not really sure what my difference can my effort can bring about!.. Still giving a shot . As Scarlett O'Hara says.. when i have lot of money and time.. !! 

  Take some time to add to the Spreadsheet.. if at all u feel an act of child-labour.. be it need or force or whatever.. 


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