Sasan Bakhtiari                                   ساسان بختیاری

Senior Lecturer

Crawford School of Public Policy,

Australian National University

email :

Research Interests


Business Performance,

Empirical Industrial Organization,


Control and Systems Theory.

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Not So Short Bio

I started as an engineer, receiving my bachelor's in Electronics and then my Master's in Control and System Theory From the University of Tehran. However, my interests shifted and I completed my doctorate in economics at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2007. My expertise is in the production and analysis of huge firm-level data matched from various sources. I am currently interested in the mechanics of growth, innovation and outsourcing among small and medium enterprises (SME). As a senior economist working with commonwealth government of Australia, I am applying my knowledge and expertise to improve national policies that address growth and innovation among Australian businesses, especially the Australian SMEs.

Different topics I have been studying over the past years include outsourcing decisions and their effect on the business performance, R&D and knowledge spillover, and innovation, trade and patenting among firms. For these studies, I am making use of the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) which is the largest firm-level dataset available in Australia (and probably in many countries)

Last Update Nov.12, 2023