Keyboard Layouts | Windows

This is a collection of Unicode-based keyboard layouts for South Asian scripts designed to work under Windows XP/Vista/7.

You will need fonts for these scripts to be installed on your system. All requisite fonts come pre-installed with Windows Vista and 7.

You can download additional Indic and Perso-Arabic fonts from Alan Wood's Unicode Resource site (links open in new tab/window)


Click on the language link to download the respective ZIP file containing the keyboard layout setup EXE.

Eastern Nagari – Assamese (Asamiya)
Eastern Nagari – Bengali (Bangla) & Bishnupuriya Manipuri
Devanagari – Hindi, Kashmiri (Kashur) & Sindhi
Devanagari – Marathi & Konkani
Gurmukhi – Panjabi
Kannada – Kannada, Konkani & Tulu
Meitei Mayek
Meiteilon Manipuri
Odia (Oriya)
Perso-Arabic – Pashto
Perso-Arabic – Sindhi
Perso-Arabic – Urdu, Kashmiri, Panjabi
Sinhala (Sinhalese)


Some of the ZIP files contain only the setup EXE. PDF Manuals for using the keyboard will be added shortly.
Inactive links will be updated shortly.