English summary

Her you non-Danes wil have a summary of this website

Okay, you've chosen to click in a website about art. But it's not "normal" art. It's art maken absolutely only at a computer. Until now there are only drawing in this website. I've sorted the drawing into several categories, whichn you can see below:

  • Abstracts (2)
  • Buildings  (1)
  • Things from the everyday (1)
  • Animals (4)
  • Eats and drinks (2)
  • People (15)
  • Nature (2)

Right now I have no description og each drawings, but you're welcome to check out the gallery where all the drawing I show the public are representet. You'll find it at this adress:


If you have any comments to the drawing you can make a comment in the discussion forum, that you'll find at this adress: