I'm a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond. I work in the Visual Studio Team - Azure Developer Tools (DevDiv). I have got opportunity to work in the Office & SharePoint Tools and Docker Tools for Visual Studio currently. In my personal time, I still try to develop tools which can help developers to get their work done easily.

I was Computer Science MS thesis student at North Carolina State University studying software engineering. In addition to studying software engineering, I have worked and interned at IBM. I'm advised by Dr. Christopher Parnin, but also honored to work with Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill.

I like studying the empirical, and cognitive neurosciences aspects of software engineering. I love applying machine learning approaches to learn from data and analyze them with respect to a problem statement. Studying the programming standards, optimizing complex problems, building toy compilers and code analysis are some of my keen interests. I look at how software development occurs in practice and how certain tools help or hinder this process. I have worked on tools that helps in the process of software development.

I have studied refactoring, data mining, security and code analysis.

I'm ever curious to find the latest technology in the field and put it to good use and love a good challenge. To achieve the same, I enrolled myself in a thesis degree and am researching to investigate different methods to automatically determine programmers’ fatigue level; and to use this information to help programmers avoid their fatigue state to control errors in programming, and eventually aid them for a better productivity. I have used instrumentation, interviews, data mining, surveys, and controlled experiments in the process. I believe in open source contribution and often work towards it.

I have worked as a Research and Software Developer at Tata Research Development and Design Centre, in Software R&D department. I was working on Verification and Validation Service Offering in Software R&D Lab. Involved research topics include embedded system program analysis, detection of non-conformance according to C/C++ Code standards, integration of framework to support automobile industry standard ISO 26262. Co-authored a technical article "One Click Compliance", which talks about enabling automobile industry to achieve ISO 26262 standard, for TACTiCS - TCS Technical Architects' Conference 2012. It gave me an opportunity to closely work with MISRA C compiler front end (based on compilers like WCC for C and EDG for C++), and explore more.

I received a BTech in Computer Science Engineering from G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management,
affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

I carried out an internship in Bharat Electronics Limited. Training involved a project on Client-Server Architecture. The objective of the project was to simplify the communication between the client and the server. The primary advantage of the research project was to share information with the client in minimum time.

Previously, I have undertaken an under-graduate research project 'A Novel Approach for Protein Structure Prediction' related to the prediction of the three - dimensional structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence - that is, the prediction of a protein's tertiary structure from its primary structure.