Welcome to Micro and Nanoscale Transport Laboratory

“I want to build a billion tiny factories, models of each other, which are manufacturing simultaneously… The principles of physics, as far as I can see, do not speak against the possibility of manoeuvring things atom by atom. It is not an attempt to violate any laws; it is something, in principle, that can be done; but in practice, it has not been done because we are too big.”

― Richard P. Feynman

Who We Are....

We are part of Fluid Mechanics Group, Department of Applied Mechanics at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai.

Our main focus is to understand the flow phenomenon at the micro and nanoscale by employing simulation techniques like Molecular Dynamics, Dissipative Particle Dynamics, and Computational Fluid Dynamics. This helps in the design and optimisation of functional systems at the molecular scale. Our Lab growing significantly since it's inception in 2013. We are a group of 14 research scholars which includes 12 PhD, 1 MS scholars and 1 M.Tech Student. We collaborate with researchers from eminent research groups around the globe.



Billy Todd (SU, AU)

S. Vengadesan (IITM, IN)

Ashis Kumar Sen (IITM, IN)

Remco Hartkamp(TU Delft, NL)

Recent Works

This work is done by Mr. Vishnu Prasad K and published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, P 16005-16011, 2018, as Water desalination using graphene nano-pores: influence of the water models used in simulations https://doi.org/10.1039/C8CP00919H

Funding Acknowledgement