I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at Sapienza Università di Roma.
This page is dedicated to my academic work, earlier efforts, and ongoing projects.

"It seems to me that I can detect in much of current ethical discussion a lurking idea that moral conduct is something other than, or over and above, conduct itself, - understanding by conduct distinctively human action, that based upon and realizing ideas. Because the notion lurks it is difficult to dislodge, - all the more when the lurking is so evanescent that one feels, in attacking it, as if the holder of its fortress might himself disown its presence. But there is an ally of this idea which is not indeed marshalled in open array upon the battlefield, but about whose presence there can be no doubt, -the idea that moral theory is something other than, or something beyond, an analysis of conduct, - the idea that it is not simply and wholly "the theory of practice". Moral theory, for example, is often regarded as an attempt to find a philosophic "basis" or foundation for moral activity in something beyond activity itself."  J. Dewey.

Ennio Marchetti, Park Avenue
New York, 1968