• To attend the reading group you must submit a paper. There is no representation without taxation. 
  • Regular attendance is the norm.
  • If you don't submit a paper one week, then you can't attend the following reading group meeting either.
  • We meet every Tuesday at 6.10 pm.    
  • Papers must be submitted by Thursday at 12.00 pm (no exceptions!) and the chosen 20-minutes presentations will be known by noon on Friday so that they have time to prepare. 
  • Every  week each student submits a paper of their choice (here). Please submit a paper that you think is good. Sargent reserves the right to veto a paper that he thinks is not suitable -- after such a veto, you will be asked to submit an alternative.
  • From the submitted papers, Sargent chooses 2 or 3 to be given as 20-minute presentations (by those who submitted them). 20 minute presenters typically prepare slides. 
  • Students whose submissions are not chosen for 20 minute presentations are exposed to a risk of being called upon for a 5-minute presentations during the reading group meeting. Therefore, all the students attending the reading group should be prepared for 5-minute presentations.   
  • People who present either 5 or 20 minute presentations are expected to be in command of the papers. In the past, this has usually been the case. It is only fair to tell you that in the past, students who have underperformed have been told so bluntly by Sargent.