A Long Overdue Look At Kryptos

Quotes by Elonka Dunin, from a radio interview with BellCoreRadio, season 1, episode 32, Barcode Brothers
Sanborn : "You know that part two of the sculpture that everybody thinks they've cracked?  Well, ... everybody has it wrong."
 from phone call from Sandborn to Elonka Dunin, Elonka Dunin from BellCoreRadio, season 1, episode 32, Barcode Brothers, 05:47
"I'm Elonka Dunin, speaking from St Charles, Missouri."
"And when I saw the letters change from IDBYROWS to LAYERTWO.  LAYERTWO, I've seen LAYERTWO before.  And I knew that last year, actually in October of last year, one of the members of my group, Monet Friedrich, was playing with different methods of manipulating the text on Kryptos.  And what Monet was doing was trying different keys.  The key to part two is the word ABSCISSA, ... and what Monet was doing was shifting the letters in the word.  So like instead of using ABSCISSA, take the A from the beginning and put it at the end, so you have the word spelled BSCISSAA.  What happens when you try this?  And then move the B to the end, and then move the S to the end, or the C to the end, and see how that changes the text.  And what Monet noticed was that on one of these manipulations, Monet got at the end of part two, the words PLAYERTWO.   And Monet sent this to the group saying 'I've got the words PLAYERTWO at the end of part two.  And we were all like 'Wow! That's kind of interesting.' "
"Monet definitely gets credit for finding that."
"I have to give props to Monet Friedrich because Oct 11th 2005, Monet was the first person to get the words LAYER TWO out of Kryptos."
"So one of my goals for being on your show today actually, was to make sure that Monet got props and proper respects, proper credits for what Monet did - good job Monet!!!"
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