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Drop-off Policy

-Member drop-offs must be age 10 or older.
-Member children age 13 or older may be dropped off with one guest (age 13 or older)
-A member child age 13 or older may be dropped off with a member sibling age 8 or older with the understanding that the older sibling will be responsible for the younger sibling.

1. Member children and guests who are dropped off may be asked to pass a swim test administered by the lifeguard.  An emergency card must be on file at the desk in the drop-off box.


2. An adult member (16 years or older) must sign in all member drop-offs.  Children cannot sign themselves in. The responsible adult member must enter emergency phone numbers and let the lifeguard on duty know that a child is being dropped off.  


3. Member children, ages 13-15, who have drop-off privileges, may bring ONE GUEST ONLY (over the age of 13) to the pool.  A guest of a member child who is dropped off must also be registered as a guest in the sign-in book at the desk and may be subject to a swim test.


4. Member children and their guests who have been dropped off, and who willfully misbehave, (e.g., do not respond to the lifeguard’s efforts to enforce safe behavior), will be expelled from the pool.  The lifeguard will call the child’s parents, and the child will be expected to sit next to the guard until the parent arrives to pick the child up.


5. Member children age 16 or older may sign themselves and their siblings and guests in.