Pool Rules

2018 Saratoga Swimming Club Season

General Club Rules

1. Summer operating hours are from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm, seven days a week, usually beginning in mid-June and ending in  late August. 

        Partial hours for early and late-season are typically as follows: 

                 M—Th:  3:30—7:30 pm

                 Fri: 3:30—9:00 pm

                 Sat:  12:00—9:00 pm

                 Sun:  12:00—7:30 pm

        2.    Members must sign in at the desk upon arrival.

3. Guests must attend with members and are to be registered in the sign-in book next to the sponsoring member’s name.  Members may bring up to 9 guests/day without booking a party. There is a $5.00 guest fee per day for each guest.  (See MISC. FEES section for details). (see BRINGING GUESTS for the definition of “guest”)

4. Memberships consist of a maximum of two adults and children under the age of 26 living in the same household. Extended family members, long-term guests or adult children not living at the member’s address can only use the pool as guests accompanied by a member.  Multiple households using a membership violates the Club’s by-laws.

5. Lifeguards may not have guests during working hours.


7. Adult Swim is held the last 10 mintues of each hour.  Children are not allowed in any part of the pool or on the diving board during Adult Swim.

8. Each person is responsible for cleaning up after him or herself.  Also, as a member-owned and operated Club, members are encouraged to keep the property tidy and well maintained.

9. The phone is primarily for emergency use only.  If necessary, short (3 minute) calls are permitted.

10. Loitering is not permitted in the dressing rooms.

11. No one is allowed in the supply room unless accompanied by a lifeguard.  No one is allowed near the equipment shed (behind the basketball court).

12. Members will be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse of pool property.

13. Please wear headphones to enjoy your music.  Loud music from radios, stereos, CD players or musical instruments is not permitted.

14. All behavior at the Club should remain appropriate to our family-friendly environment.  Foul language, excessive public displays of affection, inappropriate dress, or rowdy behavior are not allowed.

15. Red Cross safety regulations require no more than 25 swimmers per lifeguard. Lifeguards may be required to impose swim shifts.



Safety First

        1.  No one may enter the pool unless the lifeguard is present.

2.  In order to ensure safety for everyone, lifeguards have full authority to enforce rules and to set consequences for breaking the rules.  Board members also may deny use of the pool to anyone willfully disregarding the rules.

3.  Each swimmer must shower before entering the pool.

4.  No running or rough-housing on the pool deck.

5.  Swimmers should not distract the lifeguards from their primary duties.


7. NON-SWIMMERS are not allowed in the pool or spa AT ANY TIME without a parent. Non-swimmers MUST WEAR A FLOTATION DEVICE that can be secured with straps or a zipper (no water wings or inflatable vests) AT ALL TIMES when on the pool deck and property, unless they are in the arms of a parent.  Lifeguards will enforce. 

8. DEVELOPING SWIMMERS must have a parent or caretaker (16 years or older) within arm's reach at all times, even if floaties are being worn. Developing swimmers MAY NOT BE UNATTENDED in the pool or spa at any time.

9. Members and their guests 14 years and older may use the spa at any time.  Children 13 and under may use the spa during Adult Swim but must be supervised by an adult.

10. Rafts, inner tubes, noodles, water guns, diving sticks and diving rings are allowed in the pool at lifeguard discretion.

11. Water balloons are not allowed on the premises.

12. Kickboards, floaties, lifejackets or other safety floatation devices are allowed in the pool but are not to be considered life-saving devices.

13. No food or drinks are allowed in the pool or spa.

14. No one may put his or her head under water in the spa at any time.

15. Children who are not potty trained MUST WEAR SWIM DIAPERS AND PLASTIC PANTS with elastic legs in the pool.  E. coli will shut our pool down!  Pants may be purchased from the lifeguard (see MISC. FEES for details)

16. Special Rules for use of the diving board:


     b.  No double-bouncing on the board.

     c.  No sitting, lying, or hanging from the end of the board.

     d.  Jumping or diving from the side of the board is not allowed.

     e.  Children wearing floatation devices must jump into the arms of  a waiting adult.

     f.  Please do not hang out or swim under the board at any time.

     g.  Children are not allowed on the board during adult swim.


Drop Off Rules

-Member drop-offs must be age 10 or older.
-Member children age 13 or older may be dropped off with one guest (age 13 or older)
-A member child age 13 or older may be dropped off with a member sibling age 8 or older with the understanding that the older sibling will be responsible for the younger sibling.

1. Member children and guests who are dropped off may be asked to pass a swim test administered by the lifeguard.  An emergency card must be on file at the desk in the drop-off box.

2. An adult member (16 years or older) must sign in all member drop-offs.  Children cannot sign themselves in. The responsible adult member must enter emergency phone numbers and let the lifeguard on duty know that a child is being dropped off.  

3. Member children, ages 13-15, who have drop-off privileges, may bring ONE GUEST ONLY (over the age of 13) to the pool.  A guest of a member child who is dropped off must also be registered as a guest in the sign-in book at the desk and may be subject to a swim test.

4. Member children and their guests who have been dropped off, and who willfully misbehave, (e.g., do not respond to the lifeguard’s efforts to enforce safe behavior), will be expelled from the pool.  The lifeguard will call the child’s parents, and the child will be expected to sit next to the guard until the parent arrives to pick the child up.

5. Member children age 16 or older may sign themselves and their siblings and guests in.


Booking a Party

Miscellaneous Fees

1. Guest fees are $5.00 per day for each guest.  Guests must be accompanied by the adult member on record.

2. Swim diapers for children who are not potty trained may be purchased at the pool for $3.00.  If a member does not have the $3.00 to pay the lifeguard at the time, the  member should add a note to the “Diaper” list in the sign-in book .

3. House guests (e.g., guests staying with a member family for an extended period of time during the summer season) are considered “guests” and can only use the pool accompanied by a member. 

4. Nanny fees are $75.00 for the season.  A nanny is a non-member adult responsible for caring for member children on an  ongoing basis in lieu of their parents. Nannies (one per family)  must be on record with an emergency card. Nannies do not have member privileges:  They may not bring their own guests or independently visit the Club.

        5.  Work Day Buy-Out:  Members are asked to contribute 2 hours per family at Work Day in order to help get the Club in shape for Opening Day.  Alternatively,  members may pay a $125 Buy-Out fee.

        6.  Bounced checks will incur a $25 returned-check fee.

Selling or Transferring Membership

1. Members wishing to sell or lease their membership are to send a letter of their intent to the Membership Director:


        Memberships are sold in the order of the date the  letters are received.  Upon the sale of a membership, the outgoing

        member will receive  a (pro-rated) dues’ refund plus their  equity balance (less any outstanding dues, late fees, missed

        Work Day fees, or guest fees).

2.   Annual dues cover payroll and other operating expenses.  Per  Swim Club Bylaws, members on the wait list to sell are

       responsible for all annual dues and workday responsibilities until their membership sells.

3. The buy-in equity share of $1900 is each member’s share in the 7 5-member proprietary membership and cannot be used

         to cover annual dues.  Members in arrears may not use the pool or facilities. 

4. Per Club Bylaws, any member more than one year in arrears is eligible for expulsion by the Board of Directors.  In the case of 

        expulsion, “all the interest of such expelled member in and to  the property and privileges of the Club shall thereupon revert

        to the Club” (Article III, Section 10)

5.   The Club maintains a waiting list of potential new members. Members may, however, find their own candidates for mem-

        bership. All new member applications must be reviewed by the Board in accordance with Saratoga Swim Club By-laws.

6.   Members wishing to transfer a membership within their family must still send a letter to that effect to the Secretary.  The in-

       coming family member must still complete an application for membership and is responsible for paying the Club registra-

       tion fee.  The member equity will transfer to the new member.

7. The Board may assign temporary or leased memberships for a term not to exceed one year.  Memberships in arrears may not be leased.


Saratoga Swim Club Rules