NorCal SKA calendar of events

If you would like to subscribe to the calendar and have a desktop or smartphone calendar app that supports the iCal format, you can use the ICAL button below as follows:
  • Desktop: Click on the ICAL button below. Most web browsers will offer to open your calendar app. If not, right-click on the ICAL button, copy the link location to the clipboard, and use the link in your calendar app to subscribe.
  • iPhone/iPad: Tap and hold on the ICAL button below, and copy the link when a link action dialog pops up. Then, start the "Settings" app, tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", tap "Add Account...", tap "Other", tap "Add Subscribed Calendar", and paste the link into "Server" entry field.
  • Android: On a desktop computer, right-click on the ICAL button and copy the link location to the clipboard. Then, log into the Google Apps account that you sync to your phone, open the Google Calendar web page, and follow these instructions from Google.
If you would like to add a bookmark to the calendar, you can either bookmark this page or click the HTML button below and bookmark the page opens in a new window.