Membership in the YMCA

If you are already a member practicing with us, your YMCA membership helps ensure our dojo will continue to enjoy the facilities provided by the Saratoga Southwest YMCA. The YMCA provides facilities to many clubs, including the Saratoga Dojo, and it uses enrollment statistics to determine whether to continue or suspend an activity such as our Karate practice.

Please keep your YMCA membership current!

Choices for membership include family YMCA membership, individual YMCA membership, and membership just for Karate practice.

For YMCA membership questions please contact the Southwest YMCA at (408) 370-1877 or see a staff member at the front desk for details.

Click for Google Maps directions to the Southwest YMCA at 13500 Quito Road, Saratoga, CA 95070.

Saratoga Dojo 10th Anniversary at the Southwest YMCA, March 2005

"Karate Goes Beyond The Dojo."

— Gichin Funakoshi