Sarath Sanga

Assistant Professor of Law
Northwestern University - Pritzker School of Law


Corporate Law and Governance


Network Effects in Corporate Governance
[Working paper]
A Theory of Corporate Joint Ventures
California Law Review (forthcoming)
The Private Ordering Solution to Multiforum Shareholder Litigation
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 2017 (with Roberta Romano)

Contract Law and
Contract Theory

Choice of Law: An Empirical Analysis
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 2014
Incomplete Contracts: An Empirical Approach
[Working paper]

Crime and
Racial Profiling

Reconsidering Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches
Journal of Political Economy, 2009 (comment)
Does Officer Race Matter?
American Law and Economics Review2014
General Equilibrium Effects of Prison on Crime: Evidence from International Comparisons
Cato Papers on Public Policy, 2012

Risk Sharing

Is Credit Access Effective in Mitigating Damages Caused by a Natural Disaster? The Case of Tsunami Victims in Southern India
Keizai Kenkyu, 2011 (with Yasuyuki Sawada and Masahiro Shoji) (in Japanese)

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