Aval Urundai / Poha ladoo

Preparation time: 25 ~ 30 minutes

Cooking time: Less than 7 minutes

Yield: 10 ladoos as shown in picture


1 1/2 cups Red aval / poha

1/2 cup sugar 

2 cardamom pods

2 tbsp cashews, broken into pieces

4 tbsp melted ghee or more if needed

A pinch of salt


1. Dry roast the poha in medium flame for few minutes until poha turns crispy. Turn off the heat and allow the fried poha to cool. In the same pan, melt ghee and fry cashews to golden colour. Keep it aside.

2.  Grind the poha into coarse powder. Transfer the powder to mixing bowl.

3. In same blender, grind sugar along with cardamom. Mix it with powdered poha. Add pinch of salt to it.

4. Mix poha, powdered sugar, fried cashews and add warm ghee little by little to the mixture.

5.  When mixture is warm, take small lemon shape of poha mixture in your palm and gently squeeze  to bind the mixture to form a ball. Do the same with remaining mixture.

6. Store poha ladoo in air tight container at room temperature. Stay well for 10 days.

Note: you can add replace warm milk instead of ghee for binding. Store it in air tight container in refrigerator.