Indian astronomy

Roots of Indian astronomy

Babylonian and Indian astronomy: early connections by Subhash Kak (2003)Kak notes that Babylonian astronomical method is different and has shown "that the key ideas found in the Babylonian astronomy of 700 BC are already present in the Vedic texts, which even by the most conservative reckoning are centuries older than this period. He has also shown "that the solar zodiac (rashis) was used in Vedic India, (together with) a plausible derivation of the symbols of the solar zodiac from the deities of the lunar segments." It is unfortunate that Potts (2007 below) does NOT refer to this important work.kakhinduastronomy.pdf Mirrored from:


Daniel T. Potts, 2007, Differing modes of contact between India and the West: Some Achaemenid and Seleucid Examples in: Memory as History: The legacy of Alexander in Asia (New Delhi: Aryan Books International,2007).


Relying mostly on Pingree’s work, Potts claims that Indian astronomy was influenced by Mesopotamian and later Greek thought. How does this claim jibe with the Rigvedic-Avestan evidence and the fact that Rigveda already contains the foundations of astronomical knowledge?


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