Social Studies Lesson Plan

Social Studies Anthropology Lesson Plan



Student Teacher-   Sara Leuthold

Grade level-  6th

Subject-  World History (Anthropology)

Lesson Title-  Egyptian Mummies


Lesson Plan Summary

 I will be teaching the students about why Egyptians mummified the dead, as well as how they did it.  I will also be teaching them about a couple of famous mummies. 

Materials needed:

Smartboard, Internet, Sarcophagus pictures, colors, mummification step-by-step pictures and descriptions.

State Standard:

6.W.2.2- Students are able to identify the cultural contributions of the River Valley Civilizations. 

Learning Objective(s): 

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the mummification process by putting the steps of mummification in the correct order.



Preassessment Strategy:




Assessment Strategy:

Students will need to work as a class to put the mummification steps in order.  Students will also complete a Smartboard activity on mummification.



Instructional Procedure


Anticipatory Set: 

Students will watch a video about Egyptian pyramids and mummies.




Guided Practice: 

  1. Go through Powerpoint about mummies, with the students.
  2. Give each student a description or picture of one step of the mummification process and have them work as a class to match up each description with the picture and then put them all in the right order. 
  3. Have students play “Make a Mummy” game on the smartboard, while they are decorating their sarcophaguses (Independent Practice).





Checking for Understanding: 

 I will question the students to make sure that they understand.




Independent Practice: 

Each student will decorate their own sarcophagus and will also write down one important thing they learned today.





  Students will share their sarcophaguses with the class, as well as share what they learned today.

Accommodations for All Learners: 


Multiple Intelligences Used in Lesson:


Verbal/Linguistic:  We will be talking about information on the powerpoint.     

Visual/Spatial:   The students will complete an activity on the Smartboard. 

Interpersonal:    The students will work as a class to put the steps of mummification in the correct order. 

Intrapersonal:    Students will be working alone to decorate their own sarcophaguses. 





Technology and Web Sites Used:








Reflections on Lesson:

·         Did your students master the objectives of the lesson? How do you know?

·         If the students had difficulty, what was the probable cause?

·         What comes next? Will you re-teach, or move on?

·         What are you learning about yourself as a teacher?