Grilled Green Beans

Fresh green beans, cleaned
Fresh mushrooms, sliced
Olive oil

1.  Heat grill to 350 degrees.
2.  Clean the fresh green beans.  I like to leave them long, but if you want to have them to be more bite-sized, cut them smaller.
3.  Take a large piece of foil and lay flat on a table or a cookie sheet.  Spread the green beans across the foil.  
4.  Place the mushrooms on top of the beans.
5.  Drizzle olive oil all over the beans and mushrooms.  You don't want to completely coat them, but you can be generous with the olive oil.
6.  Sprinkle salt and pepper all over.
7.  Then tear off another sheet of foil and place on top of the beans.  Fold the edges of the bottom and top foils together to seal it all the way around.  
8.  Place on grill for about 20-30 minutes.  At about 20 minutes, tear a hole in the top of the foil package to check to see how tender the beans are.  
9.  When they are done to your liking, serve immediately.  We like these with ribeye steaks and baked potatoes, both grilled on the grill with the beans too!  
10. Enjoy!