My name is Sara and I live in Oak Park. I grew up here and moved to Columbia, Missouri in 2002 as a student in one of the top-ranked journalism programs in the country. I graduated with honors in May of 2006, and later that year became a reporter for the Columbia Daily Tribune. I worked there for nearly three years and then went back to school to earn a master's degree from the Truman School of Public Affairs. To learn more, click on the tabs in the navigation bar above, or e-mail me at sara.semelka@gmail.com. 

 I am a 
Thinker                  Creator                         Investigator               Communicator              Problem solver                       
I am passionate about
Women's health and rights      Child and family policy      Public policy      Community      Local food systems  Sustainability     The intersection of poverty with housing, access to health care and education
I want to
Help Chicago and Illinois serve the needs of all residents

Help inform the conversation about public policy using the best scholarship possible

Ensure that government and non-profit programs are accountable, responsive and serve the public good