Print & Web Work

A selection of print and on-line journalism work.

Democracy, Tribalism and Hunger: The View in Kenya, e-International Relations

"The old wounds of ethnic divisions this conflict has opened will not be healed by political compromise. It is will take years of peace-making and economic rebuilding for the situation to improve."

Signs of Peaceful Protest in Kenya, Guardian

"When the political violence erupted in December I saw that there was no way I would find a [painting] job with all the disruption going on. So I decided to use the little paint I had to portray peace, to try to calm the situation."

Kenya Braces for Food Shortages, Guardian

"Last month the price of a 120kg bag of potatoes was 3,200 Kenyan shillings. But now when I go the market the prices are 3,800 or 4,200 shillings. I am not able to control the prices here at my fruit stand. Most of my customers are complaining."


During my two years with the Maine Arts Commission, I was managing editor for their quarterly arts magazine. You can see an example of one issue here. Editorial management including assigning pieces, writing, editing, layout and print production.

I manage new media & social media for the PRI show, To the Best of Our Knowledge. Check out the TTBOOK website, the show's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The Women of Kibera, Intercultures Magazine

Despite being raised in different tribal cultures, women living in the slums of Nairobi may have more commonalities than differences.

8 Months in Nairobi, blog

The blog I kept during my first year living in Nairobi, including stories on economics, civil unrest, domestic politics, and personal stories from people I met along the way.