Mobile hydraulics in heavy-duty forestry and agriculture robotics

I worked on this project in 2012-2014 being a postdoctoral member of the Robotics and Control Lab in the Umeå University and under the supervision of professor Leonid Freidovich. 

Mobile hydraulic drives are widely used in heavy-duty machines in mining, forestry, and agriculture. In contrast with stationary hydraulic systems, e.g. hydraulic presses, the mobile hydraulic drives are not well studied or automated. Actually, the most of such drives are nowadays controlled manually via a set of joysticks. In the Robotics and Control Lab, we have developed several powerful solutions to automate mobile hydraulics: novel models of spool dynamics, velocity observers with time-varying gains, and a set of nonlinearity-inversion based controllers. Experimental studies illustrated that these solutions significantly improve tracking performance, and the practical outcome of these researches was highly appreciated by our industrial colleagues, Ålö AB.