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Previous Events

  • Crvena Jabuka Concert on June 6, 2008
  • International Women's Day on March 7, 2008
  • Annual Soccer Tournament
  • Dino Merlin Concert
  • Semsa Suljakovic Concert
  • Appreciation Night
  • Bosnian Film Marathon
  • International Women's Day on March 4, 2006
  • Book Promotion on January 20, 2006
  • Chamber of Commerce

Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

Past Events

End of the Year

Friends of Bosnia successfully concluded the year with the concert of Crvena Jabuka. We would like to thank all the performers, participants, and volunteers for making all of our events possible. A special thanks to Susan Rich, Jodie, Martha, Mariya, Glenn, Stephen, and the rest of the Highline staff. Most importantly, we would like to thank our community and friends for their unconditional support throughout the year. 

We hope to continue to serve our community and fellow students.

Friends of Bosnia

Concert of Crvena Jabuka

Friends of Bosnia is inviting you and your family to enjoy the wonderful music of Crvena Jabuka. The concert will be held on June 6th, 2008 at Highline Community College, Highline Student Union. The doors open at 8:00 P.M! Tickets will be sold for $35. Special discount for MySpace users!


International Women's Day

Friends of Bosnia is inviting you and your family to come and celebrate Women's Day together with them at the Tukwila Community Center. It is time to come and think about the obstacles and challenges that women have fought to overcome, and to think about the work that still needs to be done. A rich program will not only remind us about the victories of women, but also invite us to reflect upon the role and status of women in the world at large. Participants of the event include traditional Bosnian folk dance groups, Eastern European music, and surprise speakers. Oriental sweets and refreshments will be available. The event will be held on March 7th, 2008 at the Tukwila Community Center, Banquet Hall at 7:00 PM. Tickets will be sold at $10 for adults, free for children under the age of 12, seniors, and HCC students with SID. Tickets can be reserved in advanced and also bought at the door on the 7th.

Annual Soccer Tournament

"Friends of Bosnia," in organization with the "Islamic Community of Washington," is inviting you to take part in the annual soccer tournament on June 30, 2007 at Lake Sammamish State Park. Registration of teams will be conducted at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 30, 2007. There will be registration fee of $150 per team.


Dino Merlin

"Friends of Bosnia," a student organization from Highline Community College, is organizing it's first event in this new school year. Dino Merlin will perform on May 4, 2007. The concert starts at 8:00 P.M. Tickets are $35 when bought in advance and $40 at the door. Children under 10 years of age are admitted for free. The concert will be held at South Sound Athletics Center in Seatac

Semsa Suljakovic and Sekib Mujanovic

"Friends of Bosnia" a student organization from Highline Community College is organizing it's first event in the new school year. Semsa Suljakovic with guest Sekib Mujanovic will perform on November 11, 2006. The concert starts at 7:00 P.M. Tickets are $25 and free admission for children under 12 years. The concert will be held at South Sound Athletics Center in Seatac.

Appreciation Night

Dear friends,

“Friends of Bosnia” a student organization from Highline Community College is organizing an appreciation night for all sponsors and friends who have supported us this year. Our guests for the night will be KUD “Behar”- Seattle and KUD “Mladi Behar” – Boise, Idaho. It is our pleasure to invite you to a night of Bosnian folk dance and music with a BBQ. For you entrance, dinner and drinks are free and the food will be served from 7 to 8 P.M. We ask for you to bring this invitation with you May 27th 2006 to Tukwila Community Center – Social Hall. Come and join “Friends of Bosnia,” musicians from Boise, Idaho and our folk dance groups “Behar” and “Mladi Behar” in a night full of music and fun. We thank you for all your support and we will see you on Saturday.  


“Friends of Bosnia”
Elvin, Nedim, Dino, Selena and Mujo


Bosnian Film Marathon


On April 29th, 2006Friends of Bosnia will be showing two Bosnian movies, "Dobro Ustimani Mrtvaci" (Well Tempered Corpses) and "Mizaldo" both directed by Benjamin Filipovic, who will attend the event. The movies are made in the Bosnian native language but they have English subtitles. This is the first time that in the Seattle area a Bosnian film marathon will be shown. Mr. Filipovic is looking for upcoming talent and we will be holding auditions. Everyone is welcome to attend. Those who are interested or admirers of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian culture and tradition also, lovers and admirer of films and art would be very fascinated with these creations. First movie will be shown at 6 P.M. and the second at 8:00 P.M. The tickets for the first film “Mizaldo” will be $5 and the tickets for “Well Tempered Corpses” will be $7. The showing will be held in the Foster Senior High School Theater in Tukwila, WA.






Directed: Benjamin Filipović, Semezdin Mehmedinović, (1962)


The film’s title consists in reverse of the letters of the word "odlazim", “I'm leaving.” It is a film essay made during the war in Sarajevo which is marked by bitterness but also a large dose of self-satire. Sarajevo, the mythical city of the Bosnian war is presented chiefly as a theatre for the Western world and as such an ideal location for advertisements. What may be regarded as an exaggeration of the West’s attitude to the war in Bosnia and the essence of the Bosnian war as such is treated literally in the film. Commercial sketches filmed in war settings in the city alternate with the would-be philosophical comments of war tourists and laconic remarks by the city’s inhabitants. It is a reflection on reality and its image, whoever can allow it some distance. As it states in the prologue: "We live at time when critical analysis has been replaced by advertising. That is why I now feel somewhat uneasy; whether I like it or not I am making a sort of advertisement for war."


Awards:  Mizaldo won first prize at the Mediterranean Festival in Rome in 1994. The film was also presented at the Berlin Film Festival in 1994.


Starring: Sejo Bajraktarević, Ismet Bajramović, Asim Zilić

Script: Semezdin Mehmedinović, Benjamin Filipović
Camera: Muhamed Haćimić - Pinca
Cut: Branko Jerković
Music: Sinan Alimanović

Country: Bosnia and Herzegowina

Year of production: 1994

Original language: Bosnian, English subtitles

Film length: 63 minutes


“Well Tempered Corpses”


Directed: Benjamin Filipovic


While the agile private businessman Rzdija Kucuk is renewing the railroad that died out long ago and seeks the way to privatize at least one part of the railroad track, young Rijad, demobilized soldier and "favorite of luck" gets out of job, car, apartment and until finally - we all remain without him. Cynics would say: It wasn't his day!
While Srecko Piplica is trying to build a Diesel aeroplane, and in that way get himself in the Guinness book of record (therefore in history), Envera and Braco Hadzic, corrupted minister and underestimated doctor live their long aga screwed up life.
What is it that conects these four stories? What is it that binds unbreakably these characters, different beyond encountering, into ethernal life? Here are just a few possible answers:
- a simple fact of time and place of birth and living. Bosnia after the war!
- the thing that finally unite us: death!
- corones Safet and Risto that are taking care that when life can't ate least death goes as it should!

Two bored coroners at the Sarajevo city morgue make a bet about the number of corpses that will come in by a certain time, knowing nothing of the bizarre chain of events that will resolve the bet. With a variety of unusual circumstances leading up to the delivery of several different corpses, even the coroners aren’t prepared for the bizarre group of relatives, friends and associates that arrive to claim the bodies. A darkly humorous tale set in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina, Well-Tempered Corpses skewers the cynicism and idiosyncrasies of a recovering society while weaving together stories of several very different people and relationships. A quirky and audacious look at the pursuit of the tenuous “Bosnian Dream.”

Festivals & Awards:





Starring: Irena MicijevicUliks FehmiuLazar RistovskiBoro Stjepanovic

Editing: Stanko Kostanjevec

Cinematography: Ven Jemersic

Screenplay: Feda Isovic, Benjamin Filipovic

Music: Dado Jehan

Country: Italy/France/Slovenia

Distributor: Lady Film - European Academy

Production: Sintra, Asap, Studio Maj (Slovenia)

Producer: Rosanna Seregni

Year of production: 2005

Film len

gth: 92 min

Benjamin Filipovic


The Bosnian director Benjamin Filipović studied direction at FAMU in Prague. His first film, Holiday in Sarajevo (1991), one of the last Yugoslavian films, enjoyed success with the public and won a number of prizes at international festivals. Filipović went on to direct several of the last episodes of the Yugoslav cult TV serial Top Lista Nadrealista, that satirised mutual prejudices between nations. In 1994/95 he directed the play Bosana at the Grips Theater in Berlin. He is professor of directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Sarajevo and Tuzla.