Friends of Bosnia

Highline Commuity College Club

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About Us

Friends of Bosnia is an organization created to promote multicultural awareness and contribute the richness of the Eastern European culture to the diversity of our campus. The organization tries to provide an environment in which people will be able to learn about different cultures and understand different ways of life. Our goal is to promote tolerance and respect towards international, in general, and Bosnian, in specific, students. The organization is not only for Bosnian students; it is for all students, faculty, administrators, staff, and members of the local community willing to learn more about the Bosnian culture. Friends of Bosnia plans to hold several different events for its members and interested guests from Highline Community College as well as from the Bosnian community living in Seattle. Weekly meetings are encouraged for all members of the organization, where they are able to learn more about Bosnia and about the organization’s future plans and events. Our mission is to educate and involve our campus and local community with the Bosnian community, sharing the Bosnian culture, and way of life.