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Second Annual "Evening of Sevdah"

The second annual "Evening of Sevdah: the love songs of Bosnia and Herzegovina" will be held at 7:30 PM on November 29 at Town Hall, 8th & Seneca in downtown Seattle.  Inspired by the elation of last year's packed house, artists from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and America again find common ground in a performance of sevdah, the traditional urban music from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The concert is presented by Sevdah North America and is one of numerous events taking place in Diaspora communities throughout North America as part of the 2nd annual "North American Days of Sevdah." 

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Among others, performers will include singer Gino Srdjan-Yevdjevich of Seattle's Kultur Shock, Mary Sherhart and Balkan Cabaret, traditional singer Rusmir Sacirovic from Portland and saz player Mirsad Zulic from Chicago.  Intergenerational by design, the concert will include two Bosnian children's dance groups in traditional dress, while older women in the Bosnian community will create cultural displays for the lobby.

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