Famous Sights

 The Svrzo's House       

The Svrzo's HouseThe Svrzo's House, built in 18th century,
is a part of the Sarajevo Museum. It shows architecture and family life of the rich merchant in period of Ottoman rules in Bosniaand Herzegovina. It is a typical Bosnian oriental house with two parts - "selamluk" for men and "haremluk" for women. 
                                                                               The Bey's Mosque               
 Ghazi Husrev-bey's mosque  is located
 in the oriental part of the town.  It    was
 was built in 1531 and   named     after  Bosnian  guvernor.    Its     complex  is comprised  of  jet of water ( shadrvan that is shown in the photo),   religious    school, two mausoleums, cemetery, clock tower, observatory(muvekithana) etc.
 Sarajevo Assassination   

The place of assassination (June 28, 1914) of the Heir to the Throne of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife   Sophia - Museum and The Latin Bridge ( "Princip's bridge") over the Miljacka river.
The shots of Gavrilo Princip was a prime motiv of the beginning of World War I.

                                                                              The Sarajevo War Tunnel

The Sarajevo War Tunnel The Sarajevo War Tunnel In 1993 the tunnel (800m long, 1,2m wide, 1,50m - 2m high)was dug under the Airport Sarajevo runway that was controlled by UN forces. It was very important for people in Sarajevo under the siege because it connected two areas under control of the Army of Republic B&H.