“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.”  - Dale Carnegie  



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Current Research:

         I recently started my PhD in the Bioengineering program at the University of Utah. I have begun working with Dr. Clark and Dr. Normann in the Center for Neural Interfaces. I am currently working on testing chronic in vivo recording using the Utah Electrode Array.

  Past Research:

        2005 - 2006    I assisted in researching in vitro burst recording from cultured mouse and rat neurons.

        2002 - 2005    I assisted in molecular genetics research to find the causitive gene for the Pirouette mouse mutation. This mutation was also causitive in the Tasmanian Devil mutation and several other variations.

            I also assisted in researching the relation between age-related hearing loss and loss of vestibular function.

        2000 - 2000   I assisted in a research project on pre-natal alcohol syndrome.

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