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Or text me on: 0754 627 7215
(no sales calls please or similar) 
I am a genuine, psychic/intuitive reader and Qualified Reiki Master Practitioner (Member of Reiki Association) and like to give detailed readings that aim to help a person or enlighten them. I never embellish the truth but aim to give an accurate reading as I see it. You are then able to take what you need from the reading. I am a real psychic and not one just out to make money and offer a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with any reading.
I do psychic, spirit guide and past life readings by email/post/mp3 recorded
FREE  SAMPLE READINGS - Try me out just for free before paying for a full reading and receive a sample reading to see if I am the right psychic for you, no further obligation to buy but allows you to try me without much risk. (Please don't take advantage of this offer with multiple requests as I am genuinely just helping people to try me out or for those without experience of having a psychic reading.)
I also do remote/distant Reiki Healing for people and animals, as I am a Reiki Master channeling the pure healing and transforming energy.
All my readings are £ 20.00
Introduce a friend and they get 10% off a full reading/treatment and you get 20% off a full reading/treatment

Quotation for October......  
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies"

 - Aristotle


For my collection of quotations please click here
Readings & Reiki Healing
My readings are by post or email and can be typed or recorded as an mp3 (& emailed) and for a small extra charge put on CD for you and posted.
Please look around the site.... my email is if you have any queries or questions
FREE SAMPLE READINGS before buying a full reading, so that you can see if I am the right psychic for you, no further obligation after trying. 
Full Readings are £ 20.00 each (3-4 A4 pages long) (4 questions for the price of 3 this month)
Small Readings, you can get a one question answer for £ 6.00, (a shorter version of a full reading which goes into full detail)
Reiki Healing is £ 34.00 for 3 remote healings or an hours direct healing if living nearby
Great for a present or just to treat yourself!
For legal reasons you must be over 18 to use this service and any readings/healing are for 'entertainment purposes only'   

NEW!!!!! Send me a short email about anything spiritual and it could appear on my website!
It can be something you have learned that you can share with the rest of the world,
A sign you always get when things are going well, or not well etc
Anything meaningful
An experience you have had that you want to share thats spiritual/meaningful in nature
A question about spiritual matters etc that I may be able to answer for you
It can even be a quote you love...
anything along these lines.....

Find out how you can produce your own fruit and veg without using chemicals. Just the basic experience of trying to grow your own can balance your emotions and help you in the hectic day to day living environments we encounter. I do this myself to help me stay emotionally balanced and to also ensure I know what I am putting into myself. I feel this helps me with my readings as I am not as stressed and have clearer energy..... click HERE

" I've enjoyed reading what you've written and it was  very interesting too. You were correct regarding my character" - Lucy


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