Welcome to Sarah's Recommended Online Photoshop Tutorials site. Here you will find tutorials that will teach you how to use Photoshop Elements 8.0. The tutorials you will find here will start by teaching you how to use layers, magic wand and lasso tools. Once you are done doing the tutorials you will know how to deal with the dodge and burning tools, colour filters, and many other effects.

Previous Communications Technology classes at Beamsville District Secondary School did an assignment called "Photoshop Tutorial Website Reviews", where the students had to find Photoshop tutorials online, complete them and then do a review on them discussing how suitable, organizational, educational, and aesthetically pleasing the tutorials are.

I have taken 10 of the tutorials from the Photoshop Tutorial Website Reviews and ordered them from easy to difficult on the left sidebar. The tutorials at the top of the list (easiest tutorials), starting with Combining two Photos, which will teach you how to use the basic tools such as layers. At the bottom of the sidebar are the more difficult tutorials, ending with Hockney Inspired Photo Montage, which involves making an action. 

The tutorials are ordered, on degree of difficulty, on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the easiest and 10 being the most difficult.
  1. Combining two Photos
  2. Mr. Melon
  3. Adding Reflections
  4. Blend Photos
  5. Light Saber
  6. Making Realistic Hair
  7. Text on Rust
  8. Photo Colour Sketch
  9. Light Burst Text
  10. Hockney Inspired Photo Montage
This site was made as a final project for my grade 11 communications technology class at Beamsville District Secondary School. I choose to do make a Google site that deals with Photoshop tutorials because I really enjoy editing using Photoshop elements. I like learning to create interesting effects and being able to make different images.

The links to the tutorials are available on the tutorial page..