Thank you for visiting this page!  It is with great hesitation and a heavy heart that I made this website.  I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2006.  I now have been battling Babesia (another tick-borne disease, similar to Malaria)  since July 2011.  During Christmas 2011, my disease became more serious and I had to quit working.  In January 2012, I had to get a PICC line and have been receiving IV antibiotics every Monday and Friday ever since.  Insurance does not cover treatment for tick-borne diseases so I have been paying out of pocket.  Each treatment costs about $500, so I pay roughly $1000/week!  Both of my parents are also battling their own tick-borne diseases and have helped me financially as much as they could.  I have applied for disability but my lawyer tells me that it can take 6 months to 1 year to get approved.  I have drained all of my savings accounts and am very close to maxing out all of my credit cards.  As much as I hate to ask for help, at this point, I have no choice!  If you find it in your heart to help me with any kind of donation I will be forever grateful!!!  Thank You and God Bless!

Sarah Sinclair