Sensory Science for pupils with SEND

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I have a series of workshops which have been developed with the assistance of pupils with SEND and school staff. The feedback they have provided me has been invaluable in producing rounded workshops where pupils are both reassured and challenged at the same time! The sessions enable each child to experience and enjoy them as much as possible. WATCH A RECENT SESSION HERE

The sessions are tailored to each group, depending on the children present. They are suitable from Early Years through to KS5. My work has been covered in detail in an article on Speaking of Science by Julie Gould. I have also won the Josh Award 2014 for this work.

The most popular session is The Cloud Factory, where we explore clouds with all our senses. The session can be purely sensory but will include scientific vocabulary and concepts to challenge the most able children. This is achieved by bringing in material from the sister show: Mischievous Matter.

You can read about one session on The Manchester Science Festival Blog of which SEND blogger Hayley Goleniowska (of Downs Side Up) kindly wrote "...this post has brought tears to my eyes. The power of curiosity and of fabulous teachers who create interest that overshadows all else is amazing."

Children also enjoy:

- Lift Off! Using rockets to explore action and reaction

- Sneaky Shadows Exploring light with shadow puppets

- Freeeeezing Water! Named by a pupil. Using ice and water to investigate temperatures

It is best to contact me directly to discuss your needs: