Mischievous Matter

The Mischievous Matter Show explores the states of matter and how they change. We use dry ice to help us understand changes in a very visual way and then do some experiments to explore the ideas further.

There are separate shows specific to FS, KS1, KS2 and KS3. Each comes with an exploration session where the children get very hands-on with some dry ice.

The show links to ideas from the National Curriculum for science and is so memorable that teachers will be able to refer back to it in future lessons. Recent teacher comments include:

"The session was excellent, very well pitched to the age of the children and inspired many questions during and following the session." KS1

"Loved using materials that we would not have access to normally and the skills to bring out the science in it. Good pace and perfect timings" FS

"A brilliant workshop - got some lovely photos for our website!" Y4

The Royal Society of Chemistry has supported the development of this show and is funding it to be taken into a selection of schools in Oxfordshire. It is available for booking outside of this scheme.