Jack and the Beanstalk Science Show

Specially developed for Science Oxford, The Jack and the Beanstalk Science Show was first performed in January 2014. It has been written with primary school children in mind and involves lots and lots of audience participation. I have now converted this into a travelling version for schools and community groups. I also have versions for EYFS and SEN children.

In the show, we take the traditional story of Jack and the Beanstalk and explore some of the science behind it. The exact content varies according to the audience age.

Making and eating butter: Many children know that butter comes from milk but very few have made their own. Everyone in the audience gets to shake the pot and help produce some golden butter which they can eat. They learn about emulsions and energy transfer as part of the process.

Stage Magic: How does a million pound note disappear in a flash and a sparkle? Children learn about fireworks and energy states.

Magical Beanstalk: Just how big would that magical beanstalk have to be? We explore this using our bodies and the environment to help us understand sizes and think about the biggest and fastest plants alive.

A cloud in a bottle: How do clouds form? We explore how changes in air pressure and temperature help to make clouds .

Giants: Do giants really exist? We look at populations and samples to understand the differences between people.

Can you really eat gold?: Many children would say no but we talk about how you can eat small amounts of an unreactive metal like gold.

How does your digestion work?: My favourite experiment for children to help them understand the mixing and digestion of food. It's VERY messy!

If you would like to book this for your group. Please get in touch.