Gruffalo's Child Shadow Puppet Show

This show has been specially developed for nursery and EYFS children.

I have made a lovely set of Gruffalo's Child shadow puppets. When I introduce the children to them, they usually they know all the characters already!

We use the puppets to create shadows and talk about how shadows are made. Then a member of familiar care staff reads the story whilst I help some of the children to act it out with the shadow puppets. They especially love the part where the Big Bad Mouse appears.

At the end there is the chance for all the children to have a turn with some special shadow puppets. They can explore for themselves how to make the shadows bigger and smaller. There is always lots of laughing as the children pretend to eat each others shadows.

Running Time: Approx 30 mins
Works best for groups of no more than 30 but is easily repeated.