Growing a Loaf


In 2013 this project was featured on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today Programme, BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Show and BBC South Today. It also appeared on the BBC News website (includes iPlayer link). Our first visit was broadcast on 12 July 2013, with follow-ups during harvest time. The children confidently spoke about what they had done so far and what they were planning to do next. Charlie, Lily, Bradley and Jake loved their visit to the radio studios for a live interview. They were fabulous!

harvest loaf

I work with pupils to sow a wheat crop in the school grounds. Sessions adapted to suit KS1-4.

The children sow the seed then water and weed it through the spring and early summer. They help to harvest it by hand and the whole class thresh and winnow it. We then deliver the grain to Mapledurham Watermill or Wheatley Windmill for grinding. The children worked with their wonderfully skilled TA to make a beautiful harvest loaf which they presented to the vicar at the school harvest festival. They were extremely proud when the vicar placed it on the altar. The story is also great for an assembly to parents. The project involves several visits to class including bringing in samples of real crops provided by a friendly local farmer. The children love to touch and explore them.

The children learn how much work it takes to make a loaf of bread. The project also includes communication, self-expression, team work, science, history, agriculture, patience, problem solving, religion, cookery and an enormous sense of achievement!