Political Thoughts, Right before Super Tuesday

An email I sent to a Hillary-leaning friend in a Super-Tuesday state 


b said that you are leaning towards hillary for tomorrow but are, he reports, open to our thoughts.  in the hopes that that's true, here are a couple of things to think about, that i found articulate and useful.

First, I think the NY Times (a pro-hillary paper) had an article this weekend about political philosophies that i found rather astute.  This is not a piece in favor of any candidate, but it does, almost in spite of itself, articulate part of what I find to be very important about Obama--namely, his drive towards finding common ground and concensus.  I find this stance to be both ethical and pragmatic.  However, I see this as a serious argument, and do understand the opposite perspective:


Second, i think one of the things that is important to remember is that barack and hillary are very similar in terms of their policies.  There are some minor differences, but I don't think there is any policy issue that would swing a vote one way or another.  What is of issue is philosophy and style--and I say that knowing that you appreciate style as important.  Form=function, as you know.

This endorsesment video, by Lawrence Lessig (who B loves) is a mildly stated but completely scathing condemnation of hillary's political style.  It is long, but it is interesting; particularly in its factual assessment of some attacks on Barack (which comes in the middle of the video): 


Third, more personally, in the comment section of this post (not so much the post itself) I state what to me is at the heart of this campaign.  I'm sure you read it; thus I won't repeat but just refer back.


Finally, I think there is an inclination among many of us who are intelligent and independent to feel somewhat resistant to joining something that feels like a movement.  We can be turned off or irritated by endorsements.  And we feel irked by hyperbolic praise not grounded in a realistic appreciation of how difficult social change can be.  However, the fact that a choice is popular does not make it wrong or naive, and in this context I think it's important to remember that.

I most of the time like Hillary fairly well, and I don't endorse Barack out of fear of Hillary.  I think she is a smart woman who has a lot to contribute.  But I think Barack is better.  I hope the above explains why.