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May 2015 - Detective Jones
scene from DETECTIVE JONES, written & directed by Sarah Doyle

Detective Jones - written & directed by Sarah Doyle

Norwegian Interviews & Press, YOU ME & HER, ANAKONDA August - September 2014

You Me & Sarah

Sarah Doyle has given a a lot of thought to whether she could have been a better or worse version of herself if she had made different choices in her life. The result was a sci-fi-comedy.

You know, every time you see someone that looks like you, and you start to think if that could have been an alternative version of you? Could that have been me, if I had grown up in a trailerpark? Or if I chose to study law, or got kids when I was 20? I have always had this joke with myself. And when I thought of ideas for my short movie, I always came back to that idea.

A jet-laged Sarah Doye is sitting on a couch at the Rica Maritim Hotel in Haugesund. Her own sleep-pattern has not yet reconciled with the norwegian time zone. But the energy is in her eyes, especially when she talks about her short movie You Me & Her.

The fate is to be boring

The film is about Anna, a girl which has made some choices in her life that breaks with her own pattern for being Anna. Every unpredictable act she does, results in a new version of herself (almost like the 90s classic Sliding Doors). This means that Anna has several parallelswhich she does not know about. Until now. The limits for what the government can tolerate or control of Annas many versions of herself is out of hand. Anna is called in to the Department of Parallel Resettlement (DPR), where she is told that she is not in control of the real Anna. If she produces to many new versions of herself, her own universe could implode.

The DPR-lady tries to calm Anna down while she is taking a big sip of her huge coffee mug with the inscription «Coffee makes me poop»: «You are the cautious one. You make decisions based on what is safest. You keep that up. Baby, youre living the American dream. Dont change a thing and Ill promise you all this will blow over. Itll all go back to normal». At this moment Anna is filled with a recognition: «My fate is to keep being boring.»

Sarah against the storm

Even though «You Me & Her» is about the fear of being a worse or more boring version of yourself, to work against your own potential, the main caracther Anna is not a self biographical figure.

- I dont think I am like her. I am more extrovert and bold. Anna is more shy and timid. But I share her fear. And I always put something of myself into what I write. 

«Theyre all better than me. Im the dud», Anna says when she realizes that all the alternative versions of herself is better than her.

That must be everyones worst nightmare, Sarah believes.

«You Me & Her» is an existential science fiction film, and a comment to the authorities, and to the societys urge to control and to predict patterns.

The film is a critique to how the society shapes the fate to the individuals. This interests me as an artist. I also experience how the authorities dictate what you should do and not do, what makes sense and what creates safety and context. The society creates a pressure on everyone which is hard to oppose.

Abuse-theatre and dark comedy

In addition to the «You Me & Her»-screening in Haugesund, the Australian multi-artist is also in Norway to attend the Oslo-premiere of her play «Anaconda» - which is about something completely different than the short movie.

– «You Me & Her» is a sci-fi comedy, «Anakonda» is about abuse and people that ignore it. It is hard to find immediate similarities between the projects, but just as «You Me & Her», «Anakonda» also has a lot of dark humour, despite its heavy theme. And just as Anna, the main character in the play also tries to confront himself, control his fears and try to do something grand and bold, and head towards safer ground. But most stories is about this theme, when I think of it: A weak person trying to conquer his og her fears, by doing something grand and bold.

Sarah laughs atherself. Is she feeling a pattern, after all?

By: Ida Madsen Hestman

"End of the World in Haugesund, Abuse in Oslo" - Natt & Dag
(click image for the article)

When I meet Sarah Doyle, we both have only recently arrived at Haugesund film festival. We have sought refuge in a side corridor at Edda Kino, and down each our coffee cup to fight the jet lag. Even though Australian Doyle, who lives in LA, is the one who has had the longest flight, she is also the most energic of us, and not least the one with the most irons in the fire. Wednesday she will be at Oslo Nye Teater to attend the premiere of the play Anaconda, which she has written and previously directed herself; at the moment people are wandering out of the screening room down the hall, where Doyles short film You Me & Her (YMH) has had a sort of Norway premiere.

YMH is about a young woman, Anna, who makes a living sweeping the floor in a barbershop, and thus feels like she hasn’t acheived much in life. Suddenly alternative versions of Anna start cropping up from parallel dimensions, and to original-Annas distress they all are more interesting than she is herself; they are what she could have become if she hadn’t always chosen the safest alternative. Now, however, the universe is in danger of imploding unless she sticks to her boring routine.

- The idea came from something I – and I think a lot of people – sometimes think about. You see someone that somehow looks like you, and you think: What if that was me, that had made different choices in life? And also: What would it be like to meet yourself? But the undertones of the film are about how hard, but important, it is to not conform. Just because the government or society tells you to do something, doesn’t mean you should.

- Anna is the most important person (being the original Anna), but she’s nobody. On a character level it’s about realizing your own worth and that you have a power in the world.

- But for Anna the risk is that world might literally end.

- I wanted to take a look at [use/treat/process – no adequate translation for this] the feeling you get when you are thinking about doing something scary, when it feels like the world might literally end. Like for example quitting your job might rip your whole world apart, while it really can just create a new world.

It doesn’t seem like Doyle is afraid of creating new worlds for herself. Before her fiction-film debut with YMH she has created multiple plays, directed commercials and music videos, and had her own radio show in NY.

- I am constantly changing. I’ve been in LA for 6 years, during that time I’ve had three plays on there and two more in Sydney. But YMH is my first film, and I am writing for TV – I’m trying to do more of that, that’s why I’m in LA.

- What is it like to go from theatre to film?

- So different. Structure is much more important in film than in a play, which is more about characters, behavior, dialogue… You can go on tangents, and the audience will go along with you. When it comes to film, not so much. When it lingers, when the tension isn’t there, you cut. That’s it. Rubbish. So I’m learning to «kill my babies».

Doyle has mainly dealt with theatre, but is having new experiences in that field as well. When the award-winning play Anaconda is put on in Oslo, she is incapable of influencing the outcome.

- I have directed most of my own plays. This is the first time there has been a full production without my involvement.

The play is based on an incident at a private school in Sydney in 2000. In woodworking class some of the students made wooden dildos – of which one is the titular Anaconda – and a classic, if unusually grotesque bullying situation occured. Two of the boys were ritually molested, while a group of onlookers stood by.

- It all came out in the press, and the boys who did it got off really lightly. This were boys with a lot of money, and the school had a ot of money – it ended with a plea bargain. They were 16.

The inspiration came from the Penn State-scandal in 2011, where football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of longrunning abuse of minors. Another coach, Joe Paterno, was fired for covering up the incident.

- When it happened, and the town picketed against the firing, i was shocked. I was appalled that someone would choose to be loyal to the institution rather than the victims.

In Anaconda the boys who were involved in the abuse are grown up. The victim finds his abuser and kills him, and then calls the police on himself. The main character is one of those who watched the abuse and never said anything, and is now a lawyer. In guilt he takes on the case pro bono.

- It’s almost like a Frankenstein-story, beacuse he confronts a monster that he helped create. And the victim has become the attacker, and he built now; he boxes, he’s hard. He’s got all these layers to protect himself from the hurt, and through the play they start to develop a trust and break down those layers.

- But there is a lot of dark comedy in the play, and I am interested in how Oslo takes it. It is in norwegian, but it will be interesting to sit in the audience and see if there is loud laughter.

In spite of jokes there is of course much seriousness, and Doyle says she has received feedback from teachers and parents who have found the play to be useful in educating teens about bullying.

- I think 15-year-olds should see it. It’s heavy, though. It’s dark. But you can’t treat a 15-year-old like they’re children, beacuse they’ve seen everything. Especially with the internet now.


click the image for the article


"Sarah Doyle is an interesting playwright who treats a painful, necessary and complicated topic with both intellectual distance and emotional empathy." -- Klassekampen (Norway) gives an excellent review of Anakonda.

Click Image for article on gay bullying and Anaconda in Aftenposten (The New York Times of Norway)

- I want people to have the courage to speak out, but most have more knowledge on how to handle a situation where one fears, or find that abuse happens. I want people to look for warning signs and be better to talk about this. It is a pity that it is still taboo to talk about, explains Doyle.

"Playwright Sarah Doyle shoul be commended for wanting to write important theatre. It is equally necessary and admirable as it is difficult." 
Very interesting points brought up in this review in Norway paper Dagsavisen.



Post show in Oslo, Sarah Doyle appears on a panel with Norway's leading researchers and spokespeople on sex and violence.

Click on the image for an interesting article on ANAKONDA in Norway's favorite paper.

Full house, standing ovation: ANACONDA premieres in Oslo, Norway

DOWN UNDER BERLIN: You Me & Her - a German premiere (August/September 2014)

Alex TV covers the festival, including interview with Sarah Doyle

click for the 'Down Under Berlin' website

YOU ME & HER covered by Berlin mag EXBERLINER

Norwegian International Film Festival invites YOU ME & HER for a special screening.
click image

io9 Covers YOU ME & HER
join the conversation...

LA WEEKLY Covers Etheria Film Night & You Me & Her:
Sarah Doyle's clever, sci-fi comedy You, Me & Her came out of the Directing Workshop for Women at AFI, where her budget was capped at $25,000. It's about a woman who learns that 30 parallel universe versions of herself entered her world and they are all her better. This was the film's premiere.

All of the films go beyond the stereotype of films women can make. "A lot of people think women make sappy films, character-driven drama, family drama stuff," says Doyle. "There's a misunderstanding about what women would do."

Click the image to read the article.

JULY 12, 2014
Sarah Doyle wins the Audience Choice Award at Etheria Film Festival, Egyptian Theatre Hollywood, for her Sci-fi Comedy YOU ME & HER.

JULY 2014 
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YOU ME & HER World Premiere at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, July 12 2014
click on this production still of Tina Majorino and Shannon Woodward playing Teen Zombie.

JUNE 2014 - YOU ME & HER
Tickets now on sale for the WORLD PREMIERE of YOU ME & HER, as part of ETHERIA FILM FESTIVAL.
Click on the poster for details.

Tickets on sale now - click on the poster for details.

Shiny White Diamonds - Melbourne based Innatum Theatre will perform a reading of Shiny White Diamonds Monday 30th June
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May 2014 - YOU ME & HER 
Official Selection, Etheria Film Night, Egyptian Theatre Hollywood, July 12

May 2014 - You Me & Her PRESS
Check out an article about the keynote speech from Kimberly Pierce (BOYS DON'T CRY) at AFI's Directing Workshop for Women's Showcase at Director's Guild of America 
(which included Sarah Doyle and YOU ME & HER) by clicking on the image.

May 2014
European Premiere of Anaconda announced - Oslo Norway, August 2014
Click on the image for more details.

April 2014
You Me & Her premieres at Director's Guild of America for the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women Showcase.

(click icon for CNN report on the showcase)

April 2014
You Me & Her Trailer released

You Me & her Official Trailer

April 2014
Sarah Doyle: Playwright
Photography by Karri Bowman

March 2014
Los Angeles screening announced 
You Me & Her to play at a private screening showcase of American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women participants at Director's Guild of America.

December 2013
"Something You Said" blog interviews Sarah Doyle.

November 2013
The translation and performance rights to Anaconda the play have been sold to an independent producer in Oslo, Norway, for a 2014 production.

Anaconda makes Everguide's must-see theatre picks for November -
"The cast are notorious Australian talents, as is the writer, Doyle. This is really something to get yourself to."


"Anaconda is a lean, thoughtful exploration of guilt and the aftermath of a tragedy that no-one will acknowledge out loud. It is at times difficult to watch, but manages to balance humour with tough questions. And in its aim to create a dialogue about abuse and the silence that allows it to breed, it succeeds."

(click the image)
BRAG REVIEW - Anaconda


"ANACONDA plays out as a four hander and features one of the strongest casts to perform at the Bondi Pav... A strong drama, well performed and directed" David Kary Sydney Arts Guide

(click the image)

Sydney Arts Guide - Anaconda

(click on the image)

"Well-written and carefully researched... the messages clear and raw. This is a very intense play." Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

Stage Whispers Review - Anaconda


Anaconda: Sydney play explores high-school rape

 (click the image)

The Guardian - Anaconda (by Sarah Doyle)


Dramatising the silence attending sexual assault

(click the image)

Sydney Morning Herald - Anaconda




“All of my plays have been about things that people don’t want to face or are challenging – things that get brushed under the carpet. I’ve always been attracted to writing things like that.” 
(click the image)

The Brag: Anaconda


FBI RADIO INTERVIEW: Sarah Doyle, Damian de Montemas, Simon Lyndon

(click on the image to listen to the 94.5 Fbi Radio interview on-demand)

Fbi Radio interview - Simon Lyndon, Sarah Doyle, Damian de Montemas

October 2013: Sarah returns to Sydney to direct Anaconda -
Anaconda by Sarah Doyle

To book and for more info go to

August 2013: YOU ME & HER is a wrap
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SHANNON WOODWARD getting her mind blown for a YOU ME & HER photoshoot

July 2013:
Napoleon Dynamite's Tina Majorino joins the cast of YOU ME & HER.
(and she looks NOTHING like this in the film!)

Tina as a child in Andre

Paula Jai Parker from Hustle & Flo & Friday joins the cast of YOU ME & HER

Paula Jai Parker in FRIDAY

Meet our Leading Woman, The incredibly talented SHANNON WOODWARD!

Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward joins the cast of YOU ME AND HER as the lead character, Anna. Shannon will also play the supporting roles of Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4, Anna 5, Anna 6, Anna 7 and Anna 8. We are absolutely stoked to have such a delightful, hilarious and extremely talented actor to captain the Womanship. 

See Shannon's interview with Craig Ferguson here: 

Shannon Woodward on Craig Ferguson

June 2013 Meet the crew: YOU ME AND HER

Sing Howe Yam, Director of Photography. Click to view his reel.

Gypsy Taylor, Costume Designer. Click to view her website.

Olivia Barratier, Poster Artist. Click to view her website.

Kristin Showalter, Production Designer. Click to view her website.

May 2013
Directing Workshop for Women, AFI

April 2013
Sarah and the Producers launch their Indiegogo Campaign. Almost $2,000 in the first 20 hours. 

March 2013: ANACONDA casting rumours in Sydney's Sun Herald.

March 2013: American Film Institute announces their line-up of women for their prestigious Directing Workshop for Women.

Sarah Doyle is 1 of 8 women selected internationally to participate in American Film Institute's prestigious annual Directing Workshop for Women to direct her short film YOU ME AND HER.

March 2013: Sydney's premiere independent theatre company Tamarama Rock Surfers announces their 2013 season. 
ANACONDA is billed for November at the historic Bondi Pavilion Theatre, with Sarah Doyle attached to direct.

January 2013: Sarah to direct LA playwright Jennifer Maisel's OUT OF ORBIT
Sarah is directing a semi-staged reading of Jennifer's play OUT OF ORBIT. The play was workshopped at Sundance Theatre Lab and at Sloan/Ensemble Studio Theatre's First Light Festival and will be presented by The Vagrancy Theatre Company's Tactical Reads. 
When/Where: West Hollywood at Working Stage - 1516 N Gardner, 90046, 1pm Sunday Jan 27th.

January 2013: Rumours in the Sun Herald of ANACONDA Sydney premiere: "Play's a home crowd"

January 2013: ANACONDA in the top ten finalists for GLAAD LA Outstanding Theatre Award
January 7 2013: GLAAD goes to vote at SAG to select their pic for GLAAD Media Awards LA Outstanding Theatre Award, with ANACONDA up for consideration.

December 2012: Sarah Doyle's Directing Reel 

Sarah Doyle Directing Reel ‎(2012)‎

November 2012: Trailor for NEIGHBORS (the film)
Watch Sarah in this trailer for Ron Judkins' film NEIGHBORS.


October 2012: Sarah Doyle cast in HOUSE ARREST
Sarah will be appearing in HOUSE ARREST as Erin, the lead's best-friend-with-benefits. HOUSE ARREST is a comedy web series created by Jed Moran. 

October 2012: Sarah directs THIRTY STORY MASTERPIECES - now playing at Hollywood's Theatre of NOTE

A short play set in the future.
11pm Theatre of NOTE, Hollywood, $10
Friday and Saturday nights in October.
written by Tommy Smith
directed by Sarah Doyle
starring Lynn Odell and Jason Denuszek
sound design by Brian McGuire
painting by Sarah Doyle

September 2012: Jesse Sarr's STEP music video released

Step Music Video Written and Directed by Sarah Doyle

August 2012: ANACONDA to Oslo
ANACONDA to be translated into Norwegian for a proposed production in Oslo.

Students at Florida University win state championships of Speech Hub with Doyle's play FEELING FEELING.


Anaconda at The Fringe Blackbox at NOTE

by Marcus Kaye ~

Inspired by the events of a real bullying tragedy in Australia, no other Fringe show carries as much relevance as Sarah Doyle’s Anaconda. An intensely personal look at the aftermath of tragedy, the topical drama begins years after the event in question. A successful lawyer, Matty Buttiker (Martin Wall) takes on a pro bono case defending Phil Becker (Jonathan Roumie). Becker, the victim of unspeakable bullying as a kid, killed one of his old bullies and Matty, seeking redemption for standing by and doing nothing, takes his case. As it unravels, however, so too does Matty’s relationship with his cold and stunning wife, Bivva Bray (played phenomenally by Jordan Ballard). As he gets more and more invested in the case- horrible truths come out about Matty’s involvement and the guilt that accompanies that.

The dark drama has strong performances throughout. The pain felt by every single character is piercing. Whether its Ballard’s drunken melt down or Jeremy Glazer (playing Matty’s gay friend) honest revelations, no moment on stage is wasted.

The play, while told from the point of view of the bully, is clearly intended for the bullied. It’s therapeutic and cathartic to watch your tormentor plagued by guilt, but is it accurate? If anything, this haunting story too perfectly quells the anguish of the bullied by torturing the bully, making it little more than a revenge fantasy. Life outside Anaconda, unfortunately, isn’t that simple.

Anaconda has remaining shows on June 21st @ 10PM, June 22nd @ 8PM and June 23rd @ 11PM at The Fringe Blackbox at NOTE.

July 2012: Anaconda Encores at Theatre Asylum
Martin Dingle Wall, Jonathan Roumie and Sarah Doyle chatting to Beyond The Blurb about ANACONDA.

Cast & I chat about Anaconda

CBS affiliate Network ten's coverage of ANACONDA

Interview with CBS affiliate Network ten for the national news

Anaconda nominated for Best International Act and selected as one of the "Best of Fringe" Shows.
The Fringe Awards
Bryce Pinkos (Producer), Sarah Doyle (Writer/Director), Jeremy Glazer (Tove), Martin Dingle Wall (Matty), Jordan Ballard (Bivva), Jonathan Roumie (Becker) 
The Examiner

"Weaving a compelling story from scandal is nothing new, but it is Sarah’s treatment of the story that sets her apart. It was a moving piece and one of my highlights of this year’s Fringe." - Bob Leggett, The Examiner

click the image to read the review.
LA Theatre Review 
No other Fringe show carries as much relevance as Sarah Doyle’s Anaconda. - Marcus Kaye, LA Theatre Review

click on the pic to read the review.
Sydney Morning Herald Photoshoot
Martin Dingle Wall, Kimberley Cooper & Sarah Doyle, Pre-production Anaconda at Hollywood Fringe.
"Intense writing and blisteringly powerful performances... make for a riveting experience." - LA WEEKLY
click pic for full review.
“The entire situation poses an interesting question,” Doyle says of the all-male students at the center of the scandal. “How accountable can you really be at 16?”
Click the pic for full article.
"Doyle is a gifted writer who gives us a number of marvelous moments [and] powerful performances. " -- Jennie Webb

Anaconda by Sarah Doyle.

Following last year’s presentation at the Fringe, Feeling Feeling, writer/director Sarah Doyle ventures into far darker territory with Anaconda. Hers is a controversial play based on a sordid abuse and bullying scandal that erupted at an Australian private high school – Sydney’s Trinity Grammar – as recently as 2000. Doyle has relocated the action to New York for the Fringe (wobbly US accent from the Australian lead notwithstanding), but apparently plans to revert back to the story’s Sydney origins for its Australian season next year.

Running a taut one hour and 10 minutes, this is a hard-hitting drama complemented by powerful performances. When successful defense attorney Matty (Martin Dingle Wall) learns that an old school mate has committed a violent murder of another former school mate, he feels compelled to take the case on and try to get the killer off. Thanks to Doyle’s beautifully structured writing, eventually we start to piece together the heinous episodes that occurred at the high school. Matty is desperate for some sort of redemption, but his savvy, bitchy wife Bivva (Jordan Ballard) fights hard to save her marriage and talk her husband out of throwing his reputation away.

The entire cast, including Jeremy Glazer and Jonathan Roumie as the antagonistic, wounded killer, give astoundingly powerful performances. A highlight is a wonderfully written and acted awkward scene where two old friends share an intimate memory and revelation.

Anaconda is definitely not for the faint-hearted; there are some descriptions of graphic violence that made this critic queasy. Nevertheless, Sarah Doyle’s effective play is well worth seeing.

- Pauline Adamek,

Saturday June 2 2012: ANACONDA Makes National News in Australia

Controversial Play "Anaconda"

Interview with  CBS affiliate Network ten's Daniel Sutton.
ANACONDA hits Sydney Morning Herald
Click on the image to read the article.

MAY 2012: Jesse Sarr's STEP Music Video is a wrap
Top from Left:  Frederik Hamel, Writer/Director Sarah Doyle
Middle from Left: Joe Gallegos, Sara AlHadithi, Ricky Simon 
Bottom from Left: Bam Bishwakarma,  Jesse Sarr, Momo Lightner, Savannah Zelocchi 

New Poster: Anaconda
Rehearsals start this Friday with Martin Dingle Wall touching down in LA.
May: Casting Finalised.
Jeremy Glazer to join the cast of Anaconda. Jeremy has a beautiful heart that brings both humour and poignance to the part of Tove.
Check out his cv:

April: More Casting.
Delighted to announce that Broadway star Jordan Ballard will be playing Bivva.
April 2012: Casting update for Anaconda at Theatre of Note, Hollywood
Jonathan Roumie as Becker (
Martin Dingle Wall as Matty (

March 2012: Anaconda Reading in New York City

March 7th, at Space on White in TriBeCa, dramaturg Carrie Nutt and playwright Sarah Doyle spent the day with the incredible cast of Australian actors, working through the play. At 7.30pm we presented it as a staged reading to a small audience of 20. Afterwards they held a feedback session. Audience members had disparaging views on certain issues (specifically the ending) and offered up some honest opinions on what was missing to them. Overall the audience was riveted, with compliments specifically regarding the dialogue, the unfolding of the story, the dealing with the subject matter and the complex morality issues the play explores. ANACONDA has a confirmed production at Theatre Of Note in Hollywood in June. 

January 2012: New Play

In light of the events last year at Penn State that resulted in the firing of Joe Paterno and moreover the public's reaction to his firing, Sarah Doyle has been compelled to write a play called ANACONDA inspired by true and nasty events that went on in a prominent private boarding school in the year 2000 in Sydney Australia.  The process of research and writing has so far proven to be both confronting and extremely intriguing.  Watch this space to attend it's developmental reading in NYC.

December 2011: New Spec Commercial

The Forlorn Rancher

(a Jolly Rancher has an existential crisis)

written and directed by Sarah Doyle

The Forlorn Rancher written and directed by Sarah Doyle

Storyboard for Forlorn Rancher

June 2011: Theatre Reviews of Feeling Feeling

Thank you LAFPI!

Feeling Feeling at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

"This week on lafpi, I’m writing about plays written by women at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Feeling Feeling was the first play I found when I was searching for women writers on the Hollywood Fringe website, so naturally, I had to see it.

At the bar in the big white tent at Fringe Central, there is a Feeling Feeling cocktail with vodka (lots of vodka), strawberry puree, sprite, and a very important lemon wedge, so I was very happy when I sat down to watch Feeling Feeling.

As we came into the theatre, we crossed the stage where a blonde lady is couch dancing to Beyonce and Cher power ballads. We were definitely in a modern happy space.

The play itself is a dark romantic comedy that traces a couple (Darla and Dave) from Oregon to Los Angeles over four Olympic games. Darla feels too much, so she gets a chip implanted in the back of her neck to make her less dependent on her emotions. Dave goes into therapy to feel more or perhaps feel better. They break up, they get back together, they can’t communicate.

The dilemma of the play is summed up early on by a supporting character who says, dudes need to stop treating chicks like dudes, and chicks need to stop treating dudes like chicks. Yes, there is wisdom in that.

However, this play is not a case study of emotionalism and coupledom polemics. It has fantastic dialogue that sizzles with wit and some great characters that get under your skin.

Feeling Feeling  will be playing at the Annex Space at the Fringe Central on Thursday, June 23rd at 8pm and Friday, June 24th at 11:59pm (aka midnight) at 6569 Santa Monica Blvd. You can get tickets from the Fringe website, 

 Sarah Doyle has a website at She also recently did a podcast here at Los Angeles Female Playwrights, and you can find it at"


"Bubbly Darla (Kendall Carroll) is generally upbeat until the slightest misfortune reduces her to paroxysms of tears. Her beer bottle chugging, TV sports fixated boyfriend Dave (Jonny Loquasto) is generally perplexed and insensitive to her woes. The pair have a nice rapport but Darla sends him to therapy to learn how to feel and gets a chip implanted in her head to manage her overwrought emotions. While therapy doesn't seem to alter Dave's behavior, Darla becomes detached and career-driven. Writer-director Sarah Doyle plots her tale in four-year intervals that coincide with the Olympic Games, and nicely crosscuts her examination of gender politics with a sad tale of Darla's forgotten best friend Tully (Camellia Rahbary). Artworks Theatre & Studios, 6569 Santa Monica Blvd., Hlywd." (Pauline Adamek/LAW)


The first review of FEELING FEELING is in, and they liked it.

"What a fun production. I saw the preview production of Feeling Feeling on June 11 – it was my first time to experience the Fringe Festival and it was my first pick of something to see and I’m glad I did.

I thought the actors were fabulous and fun, especially Jonny Loquasto (playing Dave) and Kendall Carroll (playing Darla), but the whole cast was young, hip, fun to watch, and just clicked in their parts and together as a group.

I’m always fasinated with stories about human / romantic relationships (even at my age), which is why I picked Feeling Feeling, and this one took it a step further by adding the ability to “chip” away the emotions that sometimes work and sometimes get in our way. I thought that was a little futuristic, but maybe it really isn’t, and it did kick things up a notch to make you think about whether it is good to hold on to the feelings that make us human and empathetic or not.

The production was written and directed by Sarah Doyle, definitely a talented writer but also a great observer of people – to get such realistic and cleverly paced dialogue. The play covers 12 years, which isn’t easy to do in one room and in one hour, so I really loved the 4-year intervals that were segued cleverly by introducing that year’s Olympic games.

Bravo to the cast and crew of Feeling Feeling – check it out if you get a chance. You’ll be glad you did."

Original review at:

May 2011: New Play in Production

"Feeling Feeling" for the Hollywood Fringe Festival has been cast, and they are a collective CRACKER of performance. This show should not be missed and there are limited seats so BOOK IN ADVANCE!

MEDIA RELEASE Monday 23rd May

What comes after the fairytale ending?

 Presents a Butchershop Co. Production of 


by Sarah Doyle

with Kendall Carroll, Jonny Loquasto, Camellia Rahbary, Leigh Parker & Brandon Bales

Director Sarah Doyle

Producer Bryce Pinkos

When best buddies Dave and Darla do the controversial leap to lovers, a match made in heaven slyly shifts into chemical warfare. Darla feels too much. She drops her toothbrush down the john and it's tears before bed. Dave doesn't feel enough. No matter how bad things get, it's water off a duck's back. Who has the problem? Can it be treated? And what do you lose when you're busy compromising?

Set over the span of twelve years and four consecutive Summer Olympics, Feeling Feeling traces the games and shames of one devastatingly familiar couple, humorously exposing the pandemonium of human emotion, and posing the question, is love enough?

"Some understated but assured writing from Sarah Doyle that handled humour as well as it did pathos. Genuine laughs here, and some moving moments." Drum Media (Australia, 2009)

"What? No fumbling female in stupidly high heels desperately seeking love? Yes please, Miss Doyle." Alternative Media (Australia, 2009)

Sarah Doyle is an LA-based Australian playwright. Previous plays include Shiny White Diamonds, And At That Moment Everything Changed, Megan Mostyn-Brown and Forest Blue, all produced internationally (Sydney, NYC, LA) to sell-out houses and critical acclaim.


Fringe Central (Artworks Theatre) 6585 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood 90036

Dates: June 16 - 25 (5 shows only!!)

PREVIEW: Sat June 11 6.30pm Opening: Thurs June 16 8pm

Sat June 18 Midnight Sun June 19 6.30pm

Thurs June 23 8pm Closing: Fri June 25 midnight

TICKETS $12 Bookings:

All media enquires including images please contact producer Bryce Pinkos 213.268.9792

February 2011: Australian Alien Film & Theatre Reading Series

January 2011: Call for Submissions

Australian Aliens Theatre & Film Reading Series 

(Los Angeles, February 2011)

Call for submissions!

*Looking for a way to keep your artistic muscles pumping creative iron? 

*Do you have a favourite Australian play or film that you’ve always wanted to do a reading of?  

*Have you written a script that you’re ready to hear out loud?

Australian Aliens want you!

We are an Australian-run acting school and theatre space in the heart of Theatre Row in Hollywood.

This February, AIDA will be hosting a Saturday Reading Series for Australian Aliens in LA. 

Our aim is simple: to support, foster and celebrate the voices of Australian Aliens in LA’s theatre and film communities by providing time and space to workshop and present readings of contemporary Australian works. 

Actors: If you are interested in being cast in a reading, please reply with a headshot, resume & a wee paragraph about yourself.

Directors: If you are interested in directing a reading, please reply with a bio and your area of interest (theatre/film/your own script/someone else’s). 

Writers: If you have a screenplay or theatre work that you are interested in workshopping & hearing out loud for developmental purposes, please reply with a synopsis of the work, how long you’ve been working on it and a brief bio. Also mention whether you already have actors or a director attached. 

*Please note: the entire ensemble does not have to be Australian!

Submit via email or hard copy by January 23. 

Feel free to pop in and chat with Sarah or Sofia.

Where can you find us?

6444 Santa Monica Blvd. (between Wilcox & Cole) 90038.


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November 2010: Commercial picked up for Australian Horror Feature Redd Inc

Congratulations to the team involved in shooting the commercial for the morbid hair-loss treatment, Innovative Follicles. The work won best directing and it will be included in the Australian horror feature film Redd Inc, shooting March 2011.

Innovative Follicles - written and directed by Sarah Doyle

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Mitchells Folly Official Music Video written and directed by Sarah Doyle

Mitchells Folly's Don't Look Down 
Pictured below: Writer/director Sarah Doyle and Director of Photography Bryce Pinkos.

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September 2010: AIDA
Sarah Doyle is now teaching acting on Santa Monica in Hollywood. If you're interested in finding out about the training and coaching offered, get in touch.                                                                                         
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June 2010: Shiny White Diamonds in Production


New Australian play premieres at the

1st annual Hollywood Fringe Festival 

All that glitters is not gold. Things are not what they seem. There’s a dark secret lurking in Trav’s past that’s kept him separated from his twin sister Jem for 10 years.

Some things are best left behind.

                    presents an Honest Thieves theatre production of


Shiny White Diamonds

By Sarah Doyle



Russell Sams

Kym Jackson

Natalie Miston

Katerina Schreiner


Director Sarah Doyle

Producer Bryce Pinkos

Designer Erin Garey

Sound Design Ed Mattiuzzi


Internationally acclaimed L.A.-based Australian playwright Sarah Doyle (Forest Blue,

Megan Mostyn-Brown and And At That Moment Everything Changed) has put together an exceptional cast for four showcase performances of her latest play, Shiny White Diamonds,

as part of the first annual Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2010.


Trav’s a soldier, but when things go awry, escape is the only option, and he has no choice

but to return home. Things have changed. The years have not been kind to Jem.

Her mind’s a mess, and her only friend is a human-sized doll called Dummy.

"A strong theatrical instinct at work."    -- Mark Hopkins, Sydney Morning Herald

Shiny White Diamonds is an ingenious story that borrows from the Theatre of the Absurd. Originally written by an Australian, it has been developed with theatre companies in Sydney, New York and London, giving the text universality that appeals to international audiences. With each new work Doyle offers us a contemporary understanding of some confounding aspects of humanity by placing real-life characters in both humorous and catastrophic circumstances.


Fringe Central – Theatre of Arts 1625 N Las Palmas Hollywood 90028

Shiny White Diamonds

Dates: June 20 – June 26

Performances: Sun 6/20 6:30pm, Mon 6/21 9:30pm, Wed 6/23 10pm, Fri 6/25 7:30pm

Tickets: $8

Bookings: or 866.811.4111. or box office 30 mins prior


For all media inquiries including images please contact producer Bryce Pinkos

Email: Cell: 213.268.9792

December 2009

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Lowlight's Forever Shine for their excellent work on this award-winning music video!

writer/director Sarah Doyle won 3rd prize for her direction in Lowlight's Visual Album competition. Watch the video here:

Forever Shine Music Video Written and Directed by Sarah Doyle