About Me, Sarah Jayne Edwards

I am a designer maker with a particular interest in working with willow and recycled materials.  I have been teaching craft and willow workshops at both the Folk House and The Adult Learning Service in Bristol since 2011 and love showing people how to turn a bunch of sticks or a pile of rubbish  into a work of art. I was creative director for the decor team at Brisfest in 2013/14 where I have created large  installations. I am able inspire and motivate people to reach their full creative potential. 
My playhouses and willow structure can be seen in various schools across Bristol and I have been working with Bristol Zoo to create willow items to enrich the animals habitats.

Sarah Jayne Gardens began 8 years ago following a project at a children's day nursery, it started because my son was leaving nursery to start school and I wanted to say thank you.  Buying some chocolates as a thank you to the staff didn't seem enough, I wanted to do something special.  The idea was to tidy up the bramble patch at the rear of the property, but, I got a bit carried away and my imagination was let loose.  I redesigned the garden area and then ran a series of workshops/volunteer days where I taught the volunteers various aspects of creating the garden so they could assist in the construction and planting.  The result was a beautiful sensory garden with Gaudi style seating, and a wildflower meadow with living willow, as a result I gained a commission for a garden at their sister nursery and a new vocation. 

If you would like any further information please email me at hello@sarahjaynegardens.co.uk