About Me

I teach Biology, Marine Biology, Plant & Soil Science, and Japanese at my alma mater, Canoga Park High School. After school, I coach Nursery/Landscape, Floriculture, and Job Interview competition teams. I majored in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara, then received my teaching credential at CSU Northridge. My hobbies are hiking, reading Science magazines, watching both Japanese and American TV shows, gardening, and trying new restaurants.

I believe that in order for students to experience the full benefits of a lesson, educators must spark students' interest in the subject and promote inquiry based on their want to know and solve.

About My School

Canoga Park High School

6850 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Canoga Park, CA 91303

(Across from the Topanga Mall)

The mission of Canoga Park High School is to assess, monitor, and guide our diverse student population in developing high levels of academic achievement and the skills to attain their goals.

Canoga Park High School is the oldest high school in the west San Fernando Valley. It opened with 14 students and 2 teachers on October 4, 1914. Canoga was originally named Owensmouth High School.

Classes I teach

Biology: I teach an ESL class with a translator in the room. The language barrier makes it very difficult to teach, but there's a different kind of joy in seeing them learn.

Marine Biology: This is for 9th graders in our Veterinary and Environmental Science Magnet. This is the newest class given to me, so I still have a lot to learn but I have great passion for the subject.

Plant & Soil: This is for upperclassmen in our Veterinary and Environmental Science Magnet. We spend a substantial amount of time working in our state-of-the-art greenhouses and garden beds around campus.

Japanese: I teach three levels, and both periods are mixed classes so it requires my students to self-motivate themselves to stay on task and collaborate with peers while I am not with them.

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