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ALT-C 2011

CPD Activity title:  ALT-C 2011

Date(s)              Start: 6th September 2011
 End:  8th September 2011
Brief description  Attendance at ALT-C 2011, 'Thriving in a colder and more challenging climate' and chairing sessions including two meetings, one workshop and a short paper session.
Reflection  Attendance at this event has been of benefit to service users in the following way:
  • I disseminated key highlights in the form of two blog posts ('So... about ALT-C 2011' and 'ALT-C 2011 - Wordled...') and presented these at the team meeting of the learning technologists at the University of Sheffield
  • Some of the ideas on assessment and working as a consortium have been taken on board and directly fed into practice as I have developed a collaboration framework for the support of learning technologies at the University.
  • I've put in place a process for disseminating conference activities has now been put in place so that everyone is able to share in the outcomes of conferences such as ALT-C
  • I have been able to make further connections with other learning technologists across the UK and this will be of benefit in the future.

How it meets standards  The above meets standard 2 in that there was a mix of learning activities - attendance at a workshop on mobile devices to talks on the use of photo marathons for learning and the one laptop per child project.
It meets standard 3 in that is has contributed to the quality of practice by improving the future dissemination of conference attendance across the team
It meets standard 4 in that it benefits the members of my team by the dissemination of key points and highlights.
Evidence Blog posts: 'So... about ALT-C 2011' and 'ALT-C 2011 - Wordled...'
Conference timetable showing sessions chaired and attended: