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I'm an Assistant Professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department at the University of Connecticut. Generally speaking, my research interests lie at the intersection of phylogeography, host-associated microbiota and bioinformatics - and evolution guides how I think about everything. I am fascinated by bird guts! Loads more information can be found using the navigation bar above. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or shared interests!
I earned a BS in Biology from the University of Idaho. I stayed in Moscow for a Master's in Jack Sullivan's lab, where I worked on nuclear dynamics of chipmunk hybrid zones. I then moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Noah Reid and I worked as a lab technician in Bryan Carstens' lab for a year (amongst other jobs). After that, I started a PhD at LSU, coadvised by Bryan and Robb Brumfield and my doctoral research combined two chapters on novel bioinformatic tools and two chapters understanding the evolution and ecology of bird gut microbiota. I graduated in 2013 and began a post-doc at UC Davis in Jonathan Eisen's lab, then became a UC Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow in the UC Davis Genome Center. And now, I'm an assistant professor at the beautiful University of Connecticut. I'm also the proud mama of 2 little boys and co-founder of the blog Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!

You can also find me on Twitter @sarahmhird.


Video of my BAHFest West talk is here! 

And here is the Science Friday coverage of BAHFest, with Zach Weinersmith, Ira Flatow and me! (3 April 2015)